Application Development

Application Development - Tailor-made solutions for your business

How Application Development can give your organisation the edge

All great brands are unique. And that uniqueness is born out of excellent strategy and idea development. But all this would count for little without the support of good business and information systems.

Content and Code has helped hundreds of organisations achieve uniqueness and gain competitive advantage by developing custom-built applications that accelerate their business. 

We can create applications that enhance your Microsoft SharePoint platform

We specialise in developing Microsoft SharePoint platforms that your people can use to work smarter and faster.

Developing applications on top of your Microsoft SharePoint platform is the most cost-effective way to empower your people.

You still have only one system to support and manage. But you can also enjoy additional features that meet your specific business goals.

Who have we helped with Application Development?

Organisations like the BBC, Old Mutual Group and the Body Shop have all gained a competitive advantage with custom-built enhancements to their Microsoft technology developed by Content and Code. These enhancements have them improve their business in many ways.

  • Compliance and auditing.
  • Dashboards and reporting.
  • Mobile applications.
  • Workflow process automation.
  • Integration into line of business systems like SAP, Oracle and other data repositories.