Consultancy - Understand how technology can benefit your business

We can make your technology work harder

In a recovering economy where many organisations have reduced their workforce, your technology needs to work harder.

Fortunately, you really can do more with less with great systems configured to your business objectives.

But to make it happen, it’s essential you have a full understanding of the capabilities of your technology. Expert consultancy from Content and Code can provide this. 

Who has our Consultancy Service helped?

Hundreds of organisations, including those listed below, have benefitted from our Consultancy Service. we've helped them with everything from high-level strategy to technical and architectural issues.

Want to get the most out of your Microsoft technology?

Our business consultants specialise in helping organisations get the most out of Microsoft technology.

Microsoft SharePoint is a huge toolset. But many organisations have only implemented a small fraction of its functionality and are only getting a small return on their investment.

Content and Code help you get more from your Microsoft investment by understanding the challenges your organisation faces and how Microsoft SharePoint  – and other Microsoft products – can meet them.

We'll consider all your technologies

We don’t just look at one area when we undertake consultancy for your organisation.

We consider your complete technical and management strategy. And we think about how solutions like cloud computing could reduce your overall IT spend and improve services to end users.

Our Consultancy Service brought Tesco employees together the world over

Consultancy services helped Tesco with the global implementation of collaboration tools.

The retailer wanted to share knowledge, ensure best practice and expand rapidly into new markets. After initial consultancy, we recommended a solution utilising the full collaboration toolset of Microsoft Lync Server – including instant messaging, VOIP calling, web conferencing and Live Meeting.  After this initial engagement, we then helped Tesco with a highly social SharePoint collaboration and communication solution.

This solution helped Tesco employees collaborate and communicate more effectively across many different countries. It will ensure the retailer retains their competitive advantage and consistently outperforms the market.