Strategy - Aligning solutions to your business goals

Why is Strategy so important? 

In an increasingly competitive world, your organisation needs to adopt technology that delivers on its strategic goals. We’ve helped many organisations, including Marylebone Cricket Club, by focusing on the following strategic areas.

  • Programme and Portfolio Management.
  • Adoption of Cloud Computing.
  • Strategic Adoption of Technology.

What is Programme and Portfolio Management?

Does your organisation have a host of projects running at any one time? Let us help you identify the ones that are contributing to your strategic goals.

Our specialist consultants will work with you to define the priority of your projects and how each one meets your strategic objectives. They’ll then identify the projects that you can cut. This will allow you to redistribute resources to important and strategic projects.

The clients we have helped in this way typically enjoy:

  • Savings of 20% in project costs
  • An improvement in project success of over 50%

Why should you adopt Cloud Computing?

Your organisation could make significant cost reductions and service improvements by adopting 'cloud computing'.

Our specialist consultants can strategically review your existing technology to see whether the cloud is right for you.

This is a process we have conducted for many large organisations, including the intellectual property consultancy Rouse and Co. The cloud helped them save £300,000 in IT costs over their first year and significantly improved services to their end users.

See how cloud computing gives you access to the latest software for less

Why is Strategic Adoption of Technology important?

Cutting through the jargon to understand what the latest technology can do for your organisation is often difficult.

There’s a huge array of software and hardware available. And the confusion grows when you combine the complexity of adopting new technology with the legacy of existing systems.

Content and Code can help. We ally a deep understanding of Microsoft technology and your strategic goals to ensure your long-term vision is realised. 

Strategy helped bring MCC closer to their members

MCC had planned to meet its five-year recruitment and expansion strategy by building an intranet for internal staff.

But after talking to the team we advised that they adopt a social-networking style portal for their members.

This was a far more challenging solution for us to implement. But it was the right strategic choice for MCC. It has proved a great success, generating high levels of online engagement amongst users averaging 55 years of age.

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