Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) at its core is about bringing insight into the operation, performance and direction of an organisation. It is a synthesis of hard facts, softer qualitative information and the sharing of these in a structured way for effective decision making.
To generate meaningful BI, an organisation must gather and consolidate data from across all areas of the business. The data must be relevant as well as easy to consume and share, in order to allow the organisation to rapidly respond to quickly changing business conditions and take advantage of new and emerging opportunities. This is a challenging and fast changing requirement.
Content and Code have seen great success getting the right information to the right people at the right time by bringing this information into social feeds such as Yammer and SharePoint.  Bringing bite size BI insights into social feeds means that important KPIs are very easy to consume and easy to act upon.

The Solution

Content and Code’s people and process based approach to Business Intelligence (BI)  addresses these problems. We certainly believe that rigorous data management is the foundation of good BI, but unless this is accompanied by an engaging mechanism for business users to access, consume, create and share the knowledge developed, the true benefits of BI will never be realised.

"Many organisations are not making full use of the technology that they have already acquired.  SharePoint, Yammer and SQL can deliver outstanding business benefit."

The Microsoft BI technology world is a fast moving one and it is sometimes difficult to keep up to speed with new features and functionality.  Many Microsoft customers have already licensed a full and impressive Business Intelligence capability in the form of SQLServer, SharePoint and Office, but are not realising its full potential of bringing business insight and benefit to their organisation.
Content and Code have long been associated with delivering the very best SharePoint based systems that manage unstructured qualitative information through the provision of collaboration and document management solutions. Being 100% focused on building these solutions through Microsoft technology, Content and Code has built an enviable reputation as the leading Microsoft partner worldwide in this area.
Microsoft has chosen to expose their Business Intelligence technology through the same set of server solutions and end user productivity tools that make up the core of Content and Code’s expertise. Taking a business process, workflow and personal approach to BI means more effective engagement of the business users with their data.

People and Process Centric BI

BI includes data, rules, documents, organisational structures, roles, key
performance indicators, metrics and analytic process models originating
or linked to business processes.  This data is useless unless it can be easily consumed by people who can act upon it.

Integrating BI with people and process means:

  • Users get their main KPIs every day in the most accessible and easy to consume way.
  • Users are able to better relate BI to their business.
  • IT architects are able to link data islands together and offer seamless, end-to-end process visibility to business users.
    Business analysts are able to investigate and document analytical needs as part of the project’s requirements-gathering phase, being empowered to ask their business customers what they want the information for.
  • Business users are able to convey their decision-making and analytic needs to IT rather than just requesting a compilation of data.
    Business users have trust in the quality of data.
    Reported metrics are aligned to business priorities.
  • Conclusions derived from the data are logically sound and provable.
    Information exposes clear courses of action and visibility into the business.

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How we can help
Content and Code offers a number of packaged services that can help you take advantage of your existing investment in Microsoft Business Intelligence products:
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