Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is about bringing insight into the operation, performance and direction of an organisation. To generate meaningful BI, an organisation must gather and consolidate data from across all areas of the business. The data must be relevant as well as easy to consume and share, in order to allow the organisation to rapidly respond to quickly changing business conditions and take advantage of new and emerging opportunities. 
Content and Code can help to get the right information to the right people at the right time by bringing it into social feeds such as Yammer and SharePoint.  Bringing bite sized insights into social feeds means that important KPIs are very easy to consume and easy to act upon.
BI includes data, rules, documents, organisational structures, roles, key performance indicators, metrics and analytic process models originating or linked to business processes.  This data is useless unless it can be easily consumed by people who can act upon it.

Packaged Services

Content and Code offers a number of packaged services that can help you take advantage of your existing investment in Microsoft Business Intelligence products:

BI Workshop

A one day workshop for your IT and business staff to gain an appreciation of the capabilities of your Microsoft Business Intelligence technology stack and how they could potentially be used to provide solutions to your business information requirements.

BI Maturity Assessment

Perhaps you are already seasoned BI practitioners and are looking to step up to the next level? Using Microsoft’s Business Productivity Infrastructure Optimisation approach, Content and Code can assess the maturity of your BI capability and advise you on next steps to enhance the effective use of your BI environment.

BI Proof of Concept 

Choose an existing business information problem and Content and Code to deliver a proof of concept that showcases the use of Microsoft Business Intelligence tools within your organisation and delivers real world benefits for rapid return on investment.

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