Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management - Making content work for your business

How can I get the most out of my content?

By effectively managing its content, your organisation will enjoy a high level of compliance and greater productivity.

Here at Content and Code we’ll look at all your content – from websites through to the information you use to produce your goods and services. And we’ll work to understand how you should manage this information to comply with statutory and regulatory law, cut costs, enhance collaboration and improve customer service. 

Five proven ways we can help you cut costs, underwrite compliance, enhance collaboration and improve customer service

i. Web Content Management

The web is now the first place people look to find out everything they want to know about your organisation.

Content and Code can build you a branded website with a simple, secure and effective content management system which you can use to attract new customers, meet their on-going needs, take orders and even make sales.

Your website can also enhance customer service by including portals where your people can log on to view product information, statements, warranties, order histories and request additional services.

ii. Records management

Records management is now mandatory for all organisations. And as litigation becomes more common, it’s important that your organisation has effective solutions in place.

Traditional records management solutions only cater for certain document types like policies or highly regulated content. But we can create a SharePoint platform that will handle records management for almost all of your assets.

This approach is key in light of recent changes to Companies Information Law which state that: "any piece of information published or produced by a company/organisation can be classified as a record and can be relied upon in court." 

iii. Work flows and processes

Since the economic downturn many businesses have to achieve more with less. The key to doing this is to understand the most efficient way of running your organisation.

We have helped many organisations simplify and accelerate their business processes. The end result is that your staff can do their jobs faster, concentrate on high-value items and manage exceptions in a more structured fashion.

What’s more, once processes are automated, your managers can identify the bottlenecks in your organisation and work to eliminate them. Plus they’ll gain insight into trends which they can use to make smarter business decisions.

See how we helped the BBC implement effective and fully compliant processes

iv. Electronic forms

Implementing electronic forms is one of the quickest ways of getting a good return on your investment in technology.

With electronic forms created in SharePoint, your organisation will save time because each form only needs to be filled in once. Plus you’ll ensure complete accuracy as data is never re-keyed twice. And there’s no need for expensive off-site storage as with paper forms.

v. Document management

Content and Code can create advanced document management systems that rival any top-end solutions at a fraction of the price.

Such a system will help your people create, reuse and manage their documents more intelligently and effectively. And because the system will link up with the social networking functionality of SharePoint, it’ll help your people find and share the information they need - even across several offices.

Why invest in an Enterprise Content Management System?

  • Time savings: The better your content is organised and the more efficient your work flows and processes, the quicker your people can get things done.
  • A happier workforce: The faster your people can find the information they need to do their jobs, the more productive they will be.
  • Knowledge sharing: An excellent document management system will significantly improve the flow of information in your business.
  • Return on investment: By implementing things like electronic forms and better processes, you can all but guarantee an upswing in productivity across your organisation.

"Forrester found 70% of respondants to a survey believe collaboration technology will significantly cut decision making time and improve productivity this year."

"2010's Collaboration Imperative: Where Social Technology and Enterprise Content Collide,"
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