Enterprise Project Management

Enterprise Project Management - Realising the benefits of projects sooner

Helping you deliver cost-effective projects faster

Like all organisations yours needs to manage projects. So you probably use Excel or other project management tools to keep strict control over costs, scope and resources.

But you could save money and deliver projects faster with an Enterprise Project Management solution built by Content and Code.

How can we make it happen?

Content and Code can create fully-customised Enterprise Project Management solutions, using Microsoft Project Server or Microsoft Project Online, that feature the following.

  • Dedicated areas where members of the project team can collaborate, share information, discuss ideas and review documents.
  • Automatically generated updates on the progress of individual team members which can be tracked by the project manager.
  • Automated processes that every project follows, ensuring best practice across the organisation.
  • Central pools where resources can be allocated across multiple projects – allowing your organisation to allocate the right resources at the right time to successfully deliver project objectives.

Understanding your strategic objectives

Does your organisation regularly manage multiple projects?

Content and Code can conduct in-depth analysis to help you understand which projects are aligned to your strategic objectives. And we can identify the non-strategically aligned projects which can be cut – the money reinvested to ensure key projects are delivered successfully.

This is part of our Portfolio Management service. It saves organisations significant sums in project costs and increases the reliability with which important projects are delivered.

Why invest in Enterprise Project Management?

  • Return on investment: By streamlining the way you work on projects, you can save money, deliver faster and realise the benefits sooner.
  • Knowledge sharing: We can create dedicated areas where your people collaborate on projects and add their own expertise to the mix.
  • Greater visibility: Our solutions give project managers full visibility of a project – they can track the progress of everyone involved at any given time.
  • Increase productivity and encourage best practice: We can create automated processes that every project follows ensuring they all meet the same high standards.