Enterprise Search Solutions in SharePoint

Enterprise Search - Finding the right information faster

Enterprise Search Solutions in SharePoint

Content and Code use Microsoft SharePoint to provide search solutions that connect people and information. Research shows that staff often spend several minutes searching every time they need a piece of information. Navigating and sifting through documents can be extremely time-consuming and not always successful.

It is vital that decisions are made based on accurate information and a search solution from Content and Code can help you to rapidly connect your people with the information they need to make informed business decisions.

Content and Code build SharePoint search solutions which allow you to refine the results in order to find exactly what you want. The result is a powerful, internet search engine for your organisation so that documents, data and people are just a search away.

We’ve created over 200 solutions for clients.

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"IDC conducted a survey of 706 knowledge workers. The average respondent spent 9 hours a week searching for information at a cost of $14,000 per employee per year."

Hidden Costs of Information Work: A Progress Report