Enterprise Search Solutions in SharePoint

Enterprise Search - Finding the right information faster

Can your people find the information they need?

Research shows that workers spend several minutes searching every time they need a piece of information. This explains why employees say they struggle to find the information required to do their job efficiently.

It all stems from the practice of navigating and sifting through hierarchies of information to find documents. This is time-consuming and may not turn up the information the employee needs.

How can Content and Code help?

As organisations strive for competitive advantage in a recovering economy, it’s vital that decisions are made based on accurate information. To achieve this, you need to rapidly connect your people with the information they need to make informed business decisions.

Content and Code use Microsoft SharePoint to provide search solutions that are a guaranteed way to connect people and information – and get an excellent return on your technology investment.

We’ve created over 200 solutions for people like easyJet and the RNIB and were named Microsoft Search Partner of the Year .  

Give your people access to business intelligence

Whenever people go online, the first place they head is a search engine. Content and Code build SharePoint search solutions that work in exactly the same way – only you can also refine the results to find exactly what you want.

The result is a powerful, internet search engine for your organisation. Documents, data and people are just a search away. It gives your people access to a rich source of business intelligence which they can use to achieve their objectives.

What’s more, there’s no need to move all of your legacy content onto SharePoint. Your people can use search to access the information without any expensive system transfer. And you won’t waste time transferring across redundant, out-dated or trivial data.

How we improved the way easyJet search for information

We built a SharePoint search solution for easyJet. The solution accessed easyJet’s flight arrivals and departures database, plus file shares and documents held on the SharePoint portal.

Searches returned a rich array of information. To illustrate, a search using the keyword ‘Rome’ would return:

  • details of all flights to and from Rome;
  • documents concerning Rome; plus
  • profiles and contact details of staff working at the easyJet Rome office.

Read the full easyJet case study

Why invest in an Enterprise Search Solution?

  • Time savings: Your staff will save time whenever they search for information.
  • Happier, more productive staff: Most workers are unhappy with how much time they spend tracking down information – precious minutes that could be spent more valuably elsewhere.
  • Easy access to expertise: With a SharePoint search solution your staff can quickly track down the people in your organisation with the expertise they need. This sparks a culture of knowledge sharing which strengthens the capability at all levels of your organisation.
  • Excellent return on investment: Improving the way your staff search is a guaranteed way to get immediate value from any investment in technology.

"IDC conducted a survey of 706 knowledge workers. The average respondent spent 9 hours a week searching for information at a cost of $14,000 per employee per year."

Hidden Costs of Information Work: A Progress Report