SharePoint Extranets

Extranets - Managing your supply & delivery chains more effectively

Sharepoint Extranets

A customised Sharepoint extranet can help your organisation to work effectively with suppliers, partners and customers. Our SharePoint extranets work as a single, central resource that is home to all your documents and information.

We can create extranets using Microsoft SharePoint which can help to improve levels of collaboration in your supply and delivery chain, enhance productivity and significantly reduce costs. Our extranets can help you to:

  • Store and exchange data quickly, reliably and simply.
  • Reduce errors and improve efficiency.
  • Create a solid audit trail and ensure best-practice.

How can we help?

You can use your new extranet to: 

  • Improve customer service by giving your customers access to a secure portal where they can review and track the status of their orders and any service requests they have made.
  • Collaborate with your partners by accessing shared tools like calendars, tasks and project sites. This information can also be stored and synchronized on your laptop or desktop and accessed offline.
  • Interact with your suppliers via a secure location where you can update order requests and they can update delivery times, status and quantities. This enables you to keep staff and customers accurately updated with details of delivery times and available stock.


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