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SharePoint intranets

A custom-built intranet from Content and Code can create a two-way conversation that can help employee engagement and collaboration across your organisation.

SharePoint system is a fully interactive environment for your staff, allowing you to create everything from knowledge-sharing communities, to filling in expenses forms and taking part in online discussions. Additionally an intranet that features policy and procedural documents and clear business processes can help your business to operate to the same high standards and help you to be compliant with industry standards.

Our intranets can include all the following features:

  • Social feeds.
  • News and corporate communications.
  • Expertise finder.
  • Communities of practice and communities of interest.
  • Project portals.
  • Discussion boards, wikis and forums.
  • Knowledge bases.
  • Shared calendars
  • Self-service areas (featuring expenses forms, payslips and holiday request forms).
  • Policy and procedural documents.
  • All the broadcasting features of a traditional intranet.
  • Corporate communications.
  • People finder.
  • Team sites.
  • Enhanced search.
  • Electronic forms.
  • Business processes.
  • Records management.


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Hewlett Packard

"The drive for collaboration is a result of the users changing preferences. People have become used to finding information anytime and from anywhere."

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