Social Networks and Networking with SharePoint

Enterprise Social Networks - Connecting people to deliver results

Social networks and networking with SharePoint

Two of the most valuable assets of a company are people and information. The most efficient way to capitalise on these, is to share the immense body of knowledge that already exists within your organisation.

Typically a large proportion of an organisation’s information is locked away in people’s heads or in proprietary systems like email. We can help to unlock that knowledge by connecting people with smart social networking technology so they find the right person quickly.

Content and Code help your people find the right information faster. Just like popular social networks, SharePoint tells you who knows who and what people are doing.

In addition to the traditional features of search, SharePoint analyses not only published information but also the hidden information in your organisation from the emails your people are sending and receiving to build smart people profiles. These smart profiles highlight areas of expertise and special knowledge in your organisation means an end of wasted hours trawling for information and people via email.

Using the social networking features of SharePoint 2013 and Yammer can play an important role in your business helping to build communities of expertise around many different subjects.


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