Websites - Building a powerful web presence

Why is your website so important?

The company website is often a customers’ first point of contact with your organisation. 

It’s the destination for all types of potential leads. A port of call for anyone from those who have read your print ads and seen your TV spots, to others who have heard about you on social networks.

So you need a powerful web presence that strongly promotes your brand and includes all the interactivity your customers are expecting. Which is where we come in.

How can we help?

We have used Microsoft SharePoint to create impactful websites for many organisations.

SharePoint offers excellent web content functionality. And it provides a single, unified platform. So you save on licensing, support and management costs while simplifying the training required by staff using and supporting the platform.

Here are some of the features your website can include.

  • Customisable design.
  • Mobile friendly responsive web pages.
  • Rich content management.
  • Content publishing schedules.
  • Approval workflows.
  • Embedded rich media.
  • A Microsoft Office style content update system.

Which organisations have we created websites for?

We have built more websites using SharePoint than any other Microsoft partner in the UK. The organisations we’ve helped in this way include:

  • Body Shop
  • Williams Lea
  • Plymouth NHS Hospitals
  • Reed Elsevier
  • Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Foundation
  • Penguin

Why invest in a website built by Content and Code?

  • Excellent return on investment: A website is a highly cost-effective way to build your brand presence.
  • Simple content management: With SharePoint’s simple and robust content management system, you can make and publish content changes quickly and easily without hiring developers and web designers.
  • Strong visual identity: A website built in SharePoint can be as visually striking as you like.