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Microsoft SharePoint 2013

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 can increase productivity, foster knowledge sharing and create a culture of collaboration at all levels of your organisation.

Here are some features of the technology.

  • Intuitive search – your people can make smarter business decisions when all the information they need is instantly available.
  • Shared calendars and diaries – scheduling meetings and planning phases of work is easy with access to everyone’s availability.
  • Dedicated project hubs – projects can be managed more effectively with a home for all documents and tasks.
  • Streamlined processes – you can ensure best business practice and improve efficiency with clearly defined processes.
  • Electronic forms – replacing your paper forms with electronic forms is a proven way to get an instant return on your investment in technology.
  • Data analysis – with access to all your data across all your systems, you will gain valuable insight into business trends.
  • One user experience – SharePoint 2013 is designed to work seamlessly with other Microsoft products like Outlook, Word and Excel.

Microsoft Lync

Most organisations still use email as a means of collaboration. But studies show that this is one of the most inefficient ways of working.

The problem is that when people send emails they expect a quick response. But the recipient may not even be at their desk. This slows down your business, means you lack agility and ultimately affects your bottom line. 

Your people can get answers to their questions faster with Microsoft Lync. The technology can tell you who is available in real time, and can drastically reduce the amount of unnecessary email traffic – freeing up your inbox and exchange server.

Microsoft Lync Onine Meetings

Your organisation can increase its productivity, cut costs and reduce its carbon footprint with Microsoft Online Meeting technology from Content and Code.
With Online Meetinga, your people can hold web conferences with multiple users, and enjoy access to video conferencing facilities.
Plus, they can share their desktop and collaborate and run through PowerPoint presentations with colleagues and clients – all without the expense and environmental impact of business travel.
Lync also speeds up sign-off processes and ensures that everyone in your organisation is on the same page.
Offered as part of our ‘cloud computing’ service Lync can be remotely hosted as part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite of cloud computing software. 


Microsoft Exchange 2013

Is your organisation taking advantage of the extra features of Microsoft Exchange 2013?

The software is big leap forward from the 2010 version. It can help your people cut the time they spend ploughing through the daily deluge of email. And that can make a real difference to your bottom line when rolled out across your organisation.

Plus, by outsourcing your email with our ‘cloud computing’ service, you can significantly reduce your spending on IT infrastructure

Find out how ‘cloud computing’ can help you cut your IT spend 

Microsoft Biz Talk

Your organisation can improve its information flow and ensure processes are followed correctly by joining its systems together.

Microsoft Biz Talk is the central hub that links your systems and lets them communicate with each other. 

Microsoft Commerce Server

The interent is being used more and more for commerce. So it’s important that your organisation can accept orders and process payments online.

You can power an online store and provide your customers with an excellent shopping experience with a Microsoft Commerce Server built by Content and Code.

Microsoft Forefront

You can protect and secure your organisation’s information with the help of the Microsoft Forefront product suite.

Microsoft Forefront provides effective anti-virus solutions for your Microsoft SharePoint server, Microsoft Lync, email server and desktop.

The software also features a unified application gateway to equip your organisation with perimeter or extra Firewall security.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, your organisation can actively manage the customer experience from inception throughout the customer life-cycle – including support and support requests.

What’s more, Content and Code can integrate Microsoft Dynamic CRM with Microsoft SharePoint to provide a unified experience for both staff and customers.


"The percentage of CIO's indicating that improving business processes was in their top 5 priorities has risen from 44% to 58% from 2005 to 2010."

Mark P. McDonald, Group Vice President and Head of Research in Gartner Executive Programs

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