BBC Case Study

BBC - Interactivity Management System

The scope of work

Content and Code worked with the BBC to build an Interactivity Management System (IMS) for the Interactive Technical Advice and Contracts Unit (ITACU) on Microsoft Office SharePoint and Windows Workflow Foundation. 

How our solution met the BBC’s goals

The ITACU solution addresses the requirements defined by OFCOM and mandated by The BBC Trust; helping to manage the compliance process, document accountability and ultimately provide an auditable set of processes for all relevant audience interactivity. 

How the solution works

The IMS facilitates and manages the end-to-end compliance process from requesting approval for an interactive service through to recording the completion of all required checks carried out by ITACU. 

It makes use of intelligent forms which are built according to some pre-selected criteria such as interactivity method (e.g. telephony or online) and interactivity type (e.g. competition or vote). 

The system then generates a checklist of compliance tasks which itself automatically reflects the type of service it relates to and assigns tasks to the relevant role within ITACU.  Some tasks require evidence to be uploaded and these tasks can only be formally completed once the necessary documentation is attached.

The solution is utilised for the entire range of ITACU scope - all interactivity methods (Telephony, SMS, MMS, online, red button, post, email) for the five areas of interactivity (votes, competitions, awards and charity appeals).