Construction and IT - could it be true?

How can cloud based tools make life back on land even easier? We’ve all seen futuristic offices in the movies and probably all dream of living a little like the Jetsons. It seems like the time is upon us to create the next generation workplace by redesigning experiences.

cloud solutions for construction and IT

Many of us already use tools such as Skype for Business and Yammer to help eliminate the need for costly meetings and larger office space.
But how can the (often perceived as) more traditional world of office fit out change the way we work?  How can we show Reception, Facilities, Fleet management and HR teams a better way of delivering their services? How can small and medium sized businesses be even more efficient?

Beacon technology has already transformed large parts of our personal lives. It can give customised shopping offers when you are in a shop, tell your fridge to order milk for you before it runs out and indeed knows just what playlist to play when you arrive home to your already lit and perfectly warm house.

Imagine having a meeting or global conference call where it’s already known who is in the various locations around the world. You can change the lighting, temperature and even order catering at the right time all based on this. Imagine all the notes and agenda at your fingertips as soon as you arrive along with the recording and any follow up items at the end.

Beacons could replace office access swipe cards and tokens, help calculate billable hours, save power, turn on and off the hot water and improve the reception/welcome experience for your guests.

Wireless monitors next to your plants can even text your phone when they need light or water. The Office manager can receive a notification when stationery is getting low or easily tweak the temperature to specific areas of the floor – imagine no more air conditioning fights! Imagine the impact of having meeting room or reception lighting to match your brand colours when you run client meetings from your office.

In the world of flexible and remote working, offices can now provide wireless charging for multiple devices – in particular for break out areas, reception and hot desk areas.

The power of Cloud solutions for construction and IT

Building managers can talk to delivery drivers or tradespeople through their phone, even when not in the office to ensure deliveries go smoothly. Building reception teams can provide a more streamlined experience right through to the Office reception – no more carrying around multiple “visitor” badges and awkward photographs.  From a safety perspective it’s now possible to know exactly who was in the building and where before an evacuation.

All of this generates a new level of analytics we can refer to in order to help with all sorts of decision making – how much office space is needed? What is the optimum staffing levels at certain times of the day? Tools like Power BI offer low-barrier ways to maximise the usefulness of these analytics.

Ethical and security considerations may need to be worked through but keeping up with privacy and security updates along with education of employees can considerably help minimise any risks.

Here at Content and Code we are always keen to talk about how we can make people’s lives easier and more efficient in the online world. Now we can talk about how we can make the technology work harder in the offline world too. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business.

Kate Clode

Kate Clode

Head of Consulting