How Yammer created an engaged and involved workplace at Pizza Hut UK

We helped Pizza Hut UK adapt to the modern, mobile way of working, giving employees the chance to express themselves and engage with colleagues through social interaction.

A recent report from KPCB showed that 2015 marked the first year where millennials (people aged 15-35) hold the majority of the workforce in the U.S, at 35%.

The same report showed there were several areas where millennials hold different work values and expectancies compared to previous generations. Many expect flexible working hours, and – according to hiring managers – they are more open to change than their ‘Generation X’ counterparts. Most interestingly, however, is their reliance on their mobile devices:

When you see statistics like these it’s easy to understand that the workplace has changed, and IT needs to change with it. In popular restaurants such as Pizza Hut – where workers are constantly active and on the move – mobile working is particularly important, and can really make a difference to employee productivity and engagement.

Adapting to the modern worker

Gareth Hopley – Head of PR & Communications at Pizza Hut UK – realised that his young workforce needed a method of communicating company-wide, even when none of them were sitting at desks. The solution was an enterprise social network; providing a means for improving employee engagement in young workers through an immediately recognisable platform.

Content and Code were able to work with Pizza Hut to implement Yammer – Microsoft’s social enterprise platform that has seen large success since its integration with Office 365. Being there from start to finish, Gareth was able to share his views on the ‘before-and-after’ and tell us what Yammer has done for the company.

Feel at home, at work

“We needed a solution that would cut straight through to the team member who’s working in the restaurant, that can also be accessed in their own time and in a way they wanted it to be delivered.”

When searching for a solution to improve engagement, the ability to get team workers continually using the platform is vital. Social media does this well through creating a network that is personal to the user and constantly updated, and Yammer takes this one step further with their mobile app. Connecting and keeping up with colleagues can be done within minutes from wherever you are, at whatever time. With 24-hour access to content, team members can interact at their own leisure and pace.

In addition, Yammer is designed in a similar fashion to social behemoth Facebook; users become instantly familiar with the UI, resulting in less time taken to get accustomed to site navigation.

Improving all areas

“We’re seeing average spend, customer satisfaction, sales results all go up, and that is what Yammer is helping us to do.”

For companies such as Pizza Hut, where maintaining their image is very important, customer satisfaction is everything. Gareth stated the importance of workers understanding how they should and shouldn’t act, and that both customers and colleagues should be able to tell the difference. With Yammer Groups, team members are able to work together in a unified, flexible workspace. They can share the latest ‘Staff Do’s & Don’ts’ file, and make a group announcement naming the employee of the week. If anyone missed out, Group members can search internally for all this information.

Gareth mentioned that team members are sharing general customer satisfaction results and individual staff mentions from customers. Coupled with Yammer’s ‘like’ and ‘praise’ features, it’s easy for colleagues to show their support and consistently build team relationships and morale.

Be a part of every conversation

“It’s a front-back business rather than a top-down business, and we can say that as an actual statement rather than just an aspiration”

Regardless of the size of a business, communication should always be at the center. It is the key to ensuring all your workers feel involved and meaningful. By giving every individual their own voice, conversations become more frequent and more focused naturally, without the need of maintenance or encouragement. Gareth said that conversations were a big cause for inspiring the workforce at Pizza Hut. People are now independently asking questions and looking for answers, and making suggestions they wish to be implemented across the workforce: How should we run menus? How should we serve customers? What type of language should we use?

Anyone in the company is able to post regular suggestions or ideas that are not just being heard, but are being acted upon.

A great partnership

“We worked with Content and Code because of their technical expertise with the implementation of a project such as this. That’s invaluable when you’re looking at doing something on such a large scale. They made the whole process seamless.”

We had a great time working with Pizza Hut, and we’re happy to see the effects Yammer has had on the workplace. If you want to find out more about the benefits of Yammer, or see how we can help you implement Yammer into your company, get in touch with us today.

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