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If you’re paying considerable sums of money on licences for tools, apps, devices and other software that aren’t getting enough (or any) use, costs can accumulate quickly and consume a significant portion of your budget. There are methods to help you get full value and maximise your Microsoft investment, however, and help you allocate your budget in the leanest, meanest way possible. Based on our own experience, we’ll explore these methods, and their effectiveness, in the rest of this post.

Gain control of your IT budget

A 2016 survey with IT leaders found that professionals are less confident about their control over IT budgets than last year. Importantly, decisions regarding how IT expenditure is allocated are being made by other departments, meaning that while IT remains responsible, it has less say on expenditure than in the past. This in itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does mean you need a clearer idea of how the IT budget is being spent. At Content and Code, we help organisations get maximum value from their Microsoft investments with our range of managed services. We help you discover any wasted IT budget and maximise ROI by monitoring the following areas and providing expert advice at a fixed cost.

• Use of licences

Our managed service team conduct a regular review of how your software licenses are allocated. The constant change in staff numbers and the associated demand for software applications means that most organisations are struggling to maintain control over software expenditure. For the majority of organisations, staff joining and leaving can cause significant IT challenges – are you paying for Office 365 licences for employees who have now left the company? We proactively look to see how you can get a better return on your investment in software licenses.

• The 80:20 rule

When applied to enterprise software, the 80:20 rule essentially means that the majority of your workforce (80%) will only use 20% of the application’s features and functionality. For instance, the majority of your SharePoint users are not benefiting from a productivity tool expensed by the organisation. We help you analyse what you’re actually using, and provide guidance on how to make the most of your platform and improve your ROI.

• Impartial advice on upgrades

As a leading Microsoft Gold Partner and multi-award winner, we are ideally placed to provide impartial advice on when you should consider upgrading your Microsoft technology. Our unique ROI calculator is a great way to benchmark your IT investment and calculate the long-term savings an upgrade will deliver.

• Industry-leading support

We have just won the highly coveted 2016 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award for Collaboration and Content, having been a finalist or winner of a Microsoft’s award for nine years running. A proven supplier with a proven service, Content and Code have more awards in more consecutive years than any other partner in the UK. With a deep understanding of Microsoft Technologies and how to resolve support incidents, you won’t spend time and money going ‘back and forth’ between possible resolutions.

• Maintain to gain

Our managed services offer extensive support to ensure your systems are proactively maintained, avoiding the harsh consequences of expensive downtime. At a fixed cost, a managed service from Content and Code will enable your organisation to significantly reduce systems outage, improve staff productivity and gain a competitive advantage.

Maximise value and drive ROI

Through the implementation of a fixed cost proactive monitoring and support service, you will achieve a much clearer view of how your IT budget is being utilised. Content and Code’s managed services help you identify the true cost of your IT infrastructure, providing clear and impartial guidance on where you can save money. In the end, it’s about making sure you get full value from your investment and helping you maximise your Microsoft investment.

To learn more about our managed services and to find out how we can help you save money, talk to one of the team today.

James Nicholson

James Nicholson

Director of Managed Services

James is responsible for ensuring effective managed services are delivered to all of our clients.
The introduction of cloud computing and emerging technologies has changed the landscape of Managed Services so James is focussed on developing and delivering relevant service packages that are aligned to Microsoft's Office 365 roadmap, whilst driving value to our clients. James is committed to helping clients in achieving their business goals, supporting them throughout their Microsoft journey and maximising the return on their Microsoft investment.

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