Microsoft Ignite – Day Four: Year of Yammer

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Yammer is no longer the ugly stepsister, she’s coming to the party and she’s looking fabulous!

One of the biggest announcements this year at Ignite was not that I ate my weight in macaroni cheese, but that 2020 is going to be the ‘Year of Yammer.’ I for one could not be happier to see the new updates that are going to be made for Yammer, the sleek fluent design, better integration with the rest of Office 365 and focus on ‘Community’ is sure to make it a better experience for users.

To get an idea of just how slick new Yammer is, have a watch of the Microsoft product video:

Top 5 Updates

1 – Yammer Homepage

‘We can’t use Yammer because we can’t brand it’ is a complaint of the past. Brand Yammer with company logo and colours so everyone knows they’re in the right place. The design is also a lot cleaner and easier to understand, saying goodbye to the Discovery, All and Following tabs to filter your homepage feed, it’ll now just be one singular feed, presenting you with what Yammer sees as most important and relevant to you.

2 – Community Management

Yammer Groups are now renaming to Communities, which is a great move on Microsoft’s part, making it far easier to grasp the concept of OneDrive for One, Teams for Teams and Yammer for Community. However, with great power comes great responsibility, there are now more ways to moderate and design communities, with options such as closing conversations and marking best answers for questions.

Yammer Communities

3 – Richer Content

Posts in Yammer will be aligning more with how posts currently look in Teams, in terms of @Mentions, text editing and general look and feel. One standout feature however is the design they’re putting around Questions, Praise, Polls and Announcements, adding real emphasis to these types of posts so they’re sure to get the interaction they deserve.

4 – Yammer Profile

I might not be technical, but even I found myself clapping when I heard that Yammer profiles will be integrating with Office 365 profiles. From right within Yammer you can view org-charts, find up to date details and keep things consistent throughout Office 365.

5 – SharePoint, Teams and Outlook integration

Finally, the integration of Yammer with SharePoint, Teams and Outlook. With one click in Teams, SharePoint or Outlook you’re ready to respond and interact with Yammer posts. Perfect for those people who live in other parts of Office 365 and don’t always have their eyes on Yammer.


Yammer To Drive Adoption

One of the things that struck me was the new Yammer design, and how similar is it to social media we’re already using. You could put Yammer next to Twitter and Facebook and it would hold its own. , Yammer also has a new fluent design. Fluent is a way in which is where Microsoft is trying to unify all their products, not just through integration but through look, feel and user experience. All of these updates will make it far easier for users to adopt Yammer, as they should already have the tools and competencies from using other social media apps or Office products.

One benefit of Yammer Microsoft were really driving home this year was using it as a platform to connect employees with their leaders. This is a real advantage in the adoption space, as every good adoption project needs a Sponsor to herald the change, and new Yammer is now making this a lot easier. Not only is it quicker With the improved features surrounding moderation too, closing conversations can help when content might not be suitable for public replies.

What’s next?

Q4 2019 – New Compliance Capabilities

Q1 2020 – New Yammer Experience, Live Events and Video, SharePoint web part, Yammer app for Teams, Yammer in Outlook.

Rolling out to users, they’ll have the option to toggle between New and Old Yammer, giving feedback on the experience before it’ll switch to New Yammer only.




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