Microsoft are making Teams available for everyone

Mar 13, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

COVID-19 or Corona Viris- it’s likely that it is going to affect workforces across the UK. Following the corona virus outbreak more and more organisations are advising organisations to allow remote working.

Microsoft have announced that they are going to be making Microsoft Teams available to all organisations via an Office 365 E1 Trial. In Microsoft’s statement they outline: “Teams is a part of Office 365. If your organisation is licensed for Office 365, you already have it. But we want to make sure everyone has access to it during this time.”

There are some guidance notes from Microsoft around how people can start using Teams right away to support any potential problems arising from employees having to work remotely in the near future.


For individuals, you can get started using teams using the links below:

  • If you have an email address through work or school, sign in using this link. Microsoft will be able to get you into Teams in no time.
  • If you’re using an email address like Gmail or Outlook, you can sign up for the freemium version of Teams by following this link.

IT professionals

The self-service links above work great for individuals, but if you’re an IT professional who wants to roll out Teams centrally, here’s what to do.

  • If you work for a business that isn’t currently licensed for Teams, Microsoft have got you covered with a free Office 365 E1 offer for six months. This provides you with a selection of web-based Office apps and business services such as Teams. (NB. This does not include desktop versions of the app). You will need to contact your Microsoft partner or sales representative to get started today.
  • If you have deployed Teams, but you are experiencing low volumes of uptake we can support you with training and user adoption services to help get your workforce ready for remote working and the Teams platform.
  • If you are licensed but have not deployed Teams in your organisation, we can help support you to launch Teams quickly and effectively in your workplace.

Register your interest in a Remote Working FastStart. You’ll need to complete a quick questionnaire and a consultant will be in touch to see how we can help your organisation facilitate remote working.