What is Microsoft Managed Desktop?

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Microsoft Managed Desktop (MMD) provides the best experience for users managed by Microsoft. MMD is a subscription-based service which can help to overcome business challenges such as coming away from complex Legacy systems which are making digital transformation too time consuming and expensive. Or maybe you can’t afford to use the time of your talented IT team on perfecting your users’ desktop experience. MMD is a cloud-based device management developed by Microsoft to ensure a great user experience without comprising the security of your organisation.

Microsoft Managed Desktop begins with a modern device which is pre-approved to meet Microsoft enterprise support and security standards. Your Windows 10 device will be managed, and ongoing Windows 10 features updates will be provided, along with security updates and other fixes which will provide overall management of your device.

Microsoft Managed Desktop and Security

With Microsoft Managed Desktop all of the devices in your organisation are connected to a cloud-based infrastructure. This keeps desktop items such as Windows, firmware and Microsoft Store for Business applications current, meaning you have the assurance that your whole desktop is managed and secured. If your users are up-to-date with all of the latest security and features updates it means your organisation as whole is more secure. With updates being managed and automatically being carried out, this reduces the gap in which hackers have the opportunity to locate and abuse any vulnerabilities.

An additional security factor is that if any device was to be lost or stolen, it can be remotely locked down and all data wiped. In a world where there are huge consequences for data loss or breaches, this feature protects not only your customers but your organisation too. Microsoft spends over $1 billion yearly on security engineering. Don’t you want to ensure your organisation is benefiting from this investment? Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is provided so users have front-door identity protection with features such Windows Hello.

Microsoft Managed Desktop and Time Saving

Users will no longer be waiting around for the latest releases of Microsoft 365 features. MMD allows users to take advantage of updates and new features as soon as they become available, shrinking the productivity gap. The IT team in your organisation will be the biggest winners in terms of time. Microsoft Managed Desktop provides the tools and insights your team needs to control their environment without the usual time-consuming methods needed to maintain it.

Users devices will be monitored for any performance or security and these will automatically be resolved. For any other issues, your organisation will be provided with 24/7 MMD support from a support and security centre to resolve any issues promptly.

Microsoft Managed Desktop Preparation

Before you get started with your organisation’s MMD journey there are a few necessary steps to check off:

  • Make sure that your users have Microsoft 365 E5 licenses
  • You’ll need connectivity to several Microsoft service endpoints
  • Azure AD either needs to be the source of authority or synced to your on-premises Active Directory
  • Ensure that the follow services are migrated to their cloud equivalents; Email, Files and Skype for Business
  • Make sure all files are synced to OneDrive for Business for data backup and recovery.


Has your organisation had begun to get cloud ready? Do you want to provide your users with the best user experience? Do you want security services backed by Microsoft all with constant support? Get in touch today to find out about Microsoft Managed Desktop in your organisation.


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