Pen Testing: Everything Your Business Needs To Know

Dec 10, 2019 | Blog | 0 comments

Businesses of all sizes, in any industry, can benefit from taking a proactive approach to cyber security – and strengthening their defences against hackers and threats – with a Pen Test.

But what is a Pen Test?

Pen Testing, also known as Penetration Testing or ethical hacking, is the practise of testing a computer system, web application or network to find any security vulnerabilities that an attacker could potentially exploit. The process generally involves gathering information about the target, identifying possible weak spots or entry points and then attempting to break in by simulating a cyber-attack against the computer system – before reporting back with the findings.

Why do you need a Pen Test?

Pen Testing aims to identify security weaknesses in a business. With new vulnerabilities occurring daily – and a rise in sophisticated cyber-criminal attacks – an increasing number of organisations are becoming compromised. Here are a few more incentives for Pen Testing in your business.

Identify vulnerabilities

A staggering 8,000 new vulnerabilities were found this year (with more being developed each day). Pen Testing lets you detect new vulnerabilities and fix them before they can be exploited by hackers. This is particularly vital when you consider that over 60% of businesses have already experienced a cyber breach in 2019.

Prevention is better than cure

According to the 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigationcyber-crime has a wide-reaching impact which leads to increased costs for your business on a global scale. Recovering from security attacks will ultimately cost you more than taking measures to prevent them occurring in the first place 

Protect your reputation

You can’t expect customers to trust you with their data if you can’t protect your own. Frequent proactive Pen Testing avoids expensive data or security breaches that could potentially compromise your customers’ loyalty and damage your brand reputation. 

Putting Pen Testing into practise

There are various parts of your IT environment that can be Pen Tested, including:

  • Network Pen Testing
  • Application Pen Testing
  • Wireless Pen Testing
  • Server Build Review
  • Device Configuration Review
  • Cyber Essentials Certifications

Each test will identify security weaknesses in your organisation, accounting for your security policies and your adherence to compliance requirements. Pen Testing also considers the security awareness of your employees, and the general ability of your organisation to spot and respond to – any security breaches.

Let the good people hack so the bad ones can’t

At Content and Code, we offer a comprehensive Penetration Testing package that covers all aspects of your IT infrastructure. Each of our assessments are unique to the specific requirements and set-up of your organisation, and you’ll be in good hands with our experienced NCSC, CHECK and CREST accredited consultants.    Our specialist security consultants here at Content and Code harness sophisticated automated tools, years of experience and intelligence to assess the risk and importance of threats to your business. Don’t put your organisation at risk of critical security breaches. Get in touch with us today to register your interest in an assessment, so that we can help you minimise the potential of a successful cyber-attack and help you to contain and mitigate the consequences of a security breach.


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