Prevention to perfection: bridging the technology skills gap

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As we become more digital, the technology skills gap has become a growing concern for businesses the world over. So much so, that Go. On created a digital exclusion heatmap – using open source data to highlight which areas of the UK were most likely to succumb to digital exclusion. According to the results, more than 12 million people and a million businesses in the UK do not have the skills to prosper in the digital era.

While these numbers may seem alarming, many IT Directors will argue that their business is well-equipped or well on the way to dealing with the enterprise moving ‘online’. Indeed, many companies we speak to are becoming more and more sophisticated in their IT operations, process automation, and enterprise content management.

Whether it’s migrating and maintaining IT in the cloud or effortlessly communicating across business sectors, organisations have had ample time and opportunity to realise the benefits of a digital workspace. And platforms like Microsoft’s Office 365 have helped companies seize these opportunities and begin implementing them.

So, the question should not be how your company can avoid this digital exclusion, but quite the opposite: how can your company continue to excel in the modern enterprise?

At Content and Code, our SharePoint Managed Services offer expert advice and support for your Microsoft investment to prevent the risk of IT problems and outages. Meaning you can take full advantage of modern enterprise tools without worrying about how to maintain or support them.

Doing more than simply assisting you in a time of need, Content and Code enable your business to extend the capabilities of workers and enhance the things your company is already doing well.

Prioritise your technology

 From July 2014-15, 60% of UK businesses suffered from downtime, costing a cumulative total of roughly £10.5 billion. Most companies that haven’t yet understood the potential damage downtime can wreak are those that haven’t yet experienced it – but that group is becoming an increasing minority.

Content and Code specialise in providing end-to-end Office 365 and SharePoint support so you’re less likely to suffer from downtime.

Avoiding downtime is important. But you also need to know how to best exploit the software you can use.

Consider how a company uses their Office 365 platform, for example. The Office 365 Enterprise E5 package offers a huge range of features and functionality – Document management in SharePoint, Email via Exchange, unified comms in Skype for Business, the artificial intelligence powering Delve and much more. And yet, many companies do not know how to make use of this wide range of software or maximise its ROI.

This is where Content and Code’s Managed Services can really help – we know the best way to get maximum use from the platform and what elements to use and how. For example, during the early life support (ELS) and reporting phases with a leading UK housebuilder, we noticed that they weren’t utilising either PowerBI or Skype, despite both applications being a component of their Microsoft license. Realising this, we were quickly able to show them the reporting capabilities available within PowerBI so they could start realising the benefits of the application. We also identified a system error that meant users were routinely being logged out of Skype, and as a result many had stopped using the application. Content and Code were able to help measure and fix the problem, and since, the business has seen a considerable increase in the usage of Skype.

Equip your employees

With the best possible technology powering your business, a key consideration is how capable your workforce is in maximising the benefit of your IT investment. The 2016 digital skills crisis report has identified a skill gap that is costing the UK economy £63 billion per year in lost GDP. Such huge numbers indicate UK businesses need to ensure their workforces are suitably trained for their roles in the workplace.

Harnessing SharePoint Managed Services

At Content and Code, our clients are able to benefit from the knowledge and experience available throughout our teams of industry-leading professionals and certified Microsoft MVPs. Combining the ability of your employees with Content and Code SharePoint managed services team, your staff can quickly form a foundation of expertise to improve your businesses.

“I have seldom come across such breadth and understanding demonstrated within a Support environment. Top class stuff from [the Content and Code team]. I truly hope to continue working with Content and Code as I know we will be in good hands.”

Benjamin Bizzell, Brookfield Multiplex Europe Ltd.

Content and Code’s familiarity with Microsoft does not come just from select individuals, but stretches across the business as a whole. From Office 365 solutions and cloud excellence, we have been a winner and finalist for Microsoft’s Partner of the Year Awards for the past 9 years – including the 2016 Global Partner of the Year for Collaboration and Content award.

Ad-hoc advice and pre-packaged services are available as and when you need it – anytime access to resources can create a constant state of improved knowledge, as well as help on specialist subjects. The result can save you time and money while increasing the overall performance of the company.

Mind the gap

There is seemingly noticeable concern that UK businesses are at risk of falling behind in the race to become digital, but we believe there are just as many eager to get ahead of the pack. Content and Code’s managed services can not only help protect you from potential outages to your IT environment, but can also provide the advice and guidance needed to enable your business to accelerate your journey to the digital workplace.

To learn more about how we can help you and your company get in touch with us today.

James Nicholson

James Nicholson

Director of Managed Services

James is responsible for ensuring effective managed services are delivered to all of our clients.
The introduction of cloud computing and emerging technologies has changed the landscape of Managed Services so James is focussed on developing and delivering relevant service packages that are aligned to Microsoft's Office 365 roadmap, whilst driving value to our clients. James is committed to helping clients in achieving their business goals, supporting them throughout their Microsoft journey and maximising the return on their Microsoft investment.

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