Sail the 7 C’s toward better staff engagement with Yammer

“The way I work and the product I make are very integrated. I built Yammer because I wanted to work on a product that I would use all day. Does that mean I’m a workaholic? I don’t know. I just know I want to use Yammer.”

David Sacks, Co-Founder Yammer Inc.

The co-founder of the most popular enterprise platform said it himself, a product that I would use all day. Social media is a platform that remains ‘always on’, and has completely revolutionised the way we communicate – we can do it wherever we are, at whatever time we wish. This is a change that brought large-scale adoption into the consumer world. It began with Facebook around 2005, which now (as of December 2015) receives roughly 900 million unique monthly visitors. This was followed by Twitter in 2006 (310 million), and the more recent Instagram (100 million) and LinkedIn (255 million). Even lesser-known sites, such as Russian-based social platform “VK” are receiving 80 million unique visitors per month: something most websites could only dream of.

Given its popularity, it was inevitable that the enterprise world would follow suite, eager to ride the same wave of engagement. For a business to run smoothly, constant communication is a must, especially in today’s modern working environments. This means social enterprise tools such as Microsoft’s Yammer can act as a huge catalyst for generating employee engagement. Not only that, but social has caused workers to now expect these high levels of communication with their colleagues. A platform like Yammer can transform the way information and knowledge is spread around the company.

Whilst not quite a flagship product, Yammer does provide a wealth of features centred around communication. When fully utilised, Yammer will offer you plain-sailing to your destination of improved employee engagement in the workplace. All you first have to do is set sail across the 7 C’s! Let’s see how.

Bring your team together


The ability to connect with other co-workers is the definition of engagement. Using a platform which makes conversing simple and easy will make for more frequent and relevant conversations. When it comes to the enterprise, there is no platform that can provide this better than Yammer.

The Publisher is the standard method of communication: quickly share updates, add files, post polls and praise other co-workers within minutes. Other team members can be ‘looped-in’ to conversations through ‘@’ mentioning features so everyone can stay on the same page. For conversations outside of the workplace, external messaging lets teams connect with people outside of the company.


“Yammer is on a mission to bring the benefits of open collaboration to teamwork…. …Yammer groups provide a great setting for teamwork by empowering people to share and collaborate within the right context and with the right set of people.”

Juliet Wei, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Yammer Inc.

Many people naturally associate collaboration with productivity, and while that is no doubt true, its effects on engagement should not go unnoticed. By integrating Yammer with Office 365 Groups, teams can move between Yammer, Skype for Business, Outlook, OneDrive and Delve seamlessly.

Working together naturally brings conversation; in fact, collaboration is impossible without it. It should seem obvious, then, that the collaborative aspects of Yammer will cause employee engagement to skyrocket as a result.


Speaking of Yammer Groups, it’s incredibly easy to quickly create a group for a team, project or interest. Invite members without going through an administrator. Yammer groups often serves as a ‘home base’ for workers. So, a clean, crisp interface is important, both for an enjoyable experience and as not to detract away from the high-impact activity and priority content.

Work smarter, work faster


In a similar sense to Facebook’s messaging system, users can see a list of who’s online and instantly start a private discussion with co-workers. You can also invite others in, and the people who you interact with the most are organised with their priority in mind.

As much as the option of company-wide discussion helps with keeping the entire business up to date on the latest goings-on, personal conversations play just as an important role. This is the next level of employee engagement, past keeping everyone connected. The ability to converse with co-workers on a one-to-one basis will bring far more reason for them to return and continue using the platform.

5.(relevant) Conversations

In large organisations in particular, it can be difficult to stay on top of every single detail. The Social graph gives you greater visibility to help you keep up to date.

Contextual Discovery draws selected content towards you that it thinks may be relevant. People, documents, conversations and more are pushed through to the user that may not have been discovered otherwise. Contextual Discovery automatically surfaces relevant conversations and work of others straight to your feed.

This is used in conjunction with Intelligent Feed; which allows you to quickly and easily engage with the work and conversations that become highlighted.

6.“Call me”

Part of the reason for the social media boom was due to an equally explosive growth in the adoption of mobile.

It wasn’t long after social media’s presence grew that the majority would choose to access Facebook or Twitter on their mobile device over their desktop. After all, it would be far more difficult to stay constantly connected if that meant trying to fit a desktop in your pocket. The Yammer mobile app transitions between the desktop and mobile versions seamlessly: access your inbox, upload and share files and receive push notifications to stay constantly updated, all without a mouse or keyboard.

7.Content & Code

We’ll admit that we’re bending the rules slightly on this last “C”! However, here at Content and Code we can help you implement Yammer into your business even more effectively.

To find out more about how both Yammer and Content and Code get the most out of employees, contact us today.

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