Increase in Default SharePoint Online Storage Allocations

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On 27th April 2018 Microsoft announced a 20x increase in SharePoint Online storage allocations. From 1st July 2018 storage quotas will begin to be increased to 1TB plus 10GB per user licence purchased – this is up from 0.5GB per user licence purchased.

This change will start rolling out on 1st July 2018 and will be completed by the end of August 2018.

Increased SharePoint storage allocation scenarios:

100 user licences5000 user licences100,000 user licences
Base tenant allocation1TB1TB1TB
Per user licence allocation1TB (100*10GB)50TB (5000*10GB)1000TB (100000*10GB)
Total tenant allocation2TB51TB1001TB


All Office 365 Services that use SharePoint for content storage will benefit from this substantial storage increase. We are seeing increasing numbers of organisations using both Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Groups – SharePoint Online is the base storage platform behind these services. Users will find the extra storage allocation useful for collaboration and increased file storage.

This increase in storage allocations will provide ample space to expand the scope of existing solutions and add new workloads to SharePoint Online.

With a new, modern UI design, and communication made easier through modern SharePoint hub sites, SharePoint Online has the functionality to become the central portal for all your content.

Modern SharePoint sites can benefit from Site Classifications and Labels, end-users can now see if a site contains Personal Identifiable Information (PII), important in the new world of GDPR.

As part of Office 365, SharePoint Online is an evergreen platform subject to a continued release cadence with consistent updates and new features via the Office 365 Public Roadmap.

Microsoft has showed a continued will to invest in SharePoint Online, and has recently announced further integration points between SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams, as well as a strong roadmap to support other collaboration tools such as Flow, PowerApps, and Microsoft Stream.

Older versions of SharePoint are now unsupported – mainstream support for SharePoint 2013 ended on 10th April 2018 – thus making  SharePoint Online an even more compelling option for organisations who are still on-premise with legacy versions of SharePoint.

How can Content and Code help?

Content and Code provide proactive Managed Services around Office 365 Service Ownership, an increasingly important service as Office 365 is an evergreen platform with a fast change cadence.

Content and Code’s Office 365 Service Ownership offering includes:

  • Office 365 Advisory and Communication
    • Service Health
    • Message Centre updates
    • Channel Release updates
  • Office 365 Analytics and Insights
    • Usage, engagement, activity, and adoption of Office 365 workloads
    • Licence subscriptions and ROI
  • Office 365 Change and Release Management
    • Office 365 Roadmap information about new and updated features across all of Office 365 services and applications
    • Roadmap views of new features, enhancements and major updates which can be used as an input to your Change Management and Digital Transformation processes
  • Office 365 Escalation Management
    • Escalation of Office 365 issues directly to Microsoft by a specialist Office 365 Service Owner

Hundreds of Clients trust Content and Code to provide them an award-winning Office 365 service year on year. Content and Code provide proactive services around Office 365 Service Ownership. Office 365 is an evergreen service with a fast change cadence.

As part of our Office 365 Service Owner and Digital Insights offering we provide proactive consultant curated intelligent updates on Office 365 Health, Messaging and Roadmap activity that can impact your users and services underpinned by Office 365.

To find out more about these services and to ensure that you don’t miss out on further updates, book a call back with a Content and Code Consultant.

Ensure your organisation is fully prepared for Office 365 chanages

Content and Code provide proactive curated intelligent updates on Office 365 Health, Messaging and Roadmap activities that will impact your users and services underpinned by Office 365. To find out more about this offering and to understand your options, book a call with a Content and Code Consultant.



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