How Skype for Business Drives Productivity

The amalgamation of Lync and Skype into Microsoft’s industry-leading, cloud-based communications system, Skype for Business, is a game changer for fully functional enterprise-grade VoIP communications platforms. In this post we will look at how switching to the collaboration platform and the Skype for Business features has the potential to vastly increase your company’s productivity levels.

Skype + Lync = Skype for Business = Lync but better

Skype for Business (formally Microsoft Lync) is Microsoft’s unified communications product, offering voice, video, instant messaging and video conferencing all from one client. The service is fully integrated into Office 365 and is designed to enable small and medium-sized companies, or departments within larger companies, reduce the cost of landline rental, cost of calls, and avoid the inconvenience of switching between multiple applications and devices. Everything users need for effective communication is consolidated through a single, streamlined medium.

Skype for Business features

  • Super convenient conference call capabilities
  • Instant messaging and screen sharing with the touch of a button
  • High powered AES encryption


User productivity potential is increased

  • Synchronisation with Office 365
  • Company contact lists are automatically integrated
  • Online statuses are easily viewable
  • Meetings can be scheduled directly through Outlook
  • Start conversations directly from apps like Word and PowerPoint
  • Reduction in travel costs and time – work effectively from anywhere
  • Track usage and adoption – see if training is driving usage 

Let’s talk real return on investment

Combining the same look and feel as Skype with the functionality of Lync, Skype for Business features sets down a new benchmark for comprehensive unified communication systems. By streamlining with Skype for Business, it’s likely you will begin to see a boost in productivity and consequently a meaningful return on investment. It enables users to be more efficient:

  • Eliminate the need to move back and forth between different platforms
  • Reduce lost momentum searching in the right location for the correct contact
  • Don’t compete with an unnecessarily awkward user interface.
  • Having multiple tools for collaboration adds to IT complexity and leads to issues with user adoption and efficient working practices – Skype for Business simplifies all of this

Incorporation with Office 365 applications

Make everything more convenient. Collaborate on a PowerPoint project or work together on a script with Word without the logistical barriers of location.

Do more with what you have

Produce live presentations or webinars on a larger scale with an increased limit of 250 participants. Set up a video conferencing hub in your office to always be on hand for collaboration and virtual meetings.

Security peace-of-mind

With both TLS encryption and AES, you can rest easy over your company’s information exchange. So fire up Skype to make that meeting while you wait at your flight gate, without worrying about the public Wi-Fi network.

Moving with the times

With the continued upsurge in texting, the use of apps like Yammer, Slack and Asana for collaboration, and a general preference (at least among young professionals) for mobile, on-the-go communication, the overall effectiveness of traditional phone systems would seem to be on the decline.

So it makes sense to look into more cost-effective alternatives. Updating your private branch exchange (PBX), video conferencing technology, and instant messaging system to a single app might be just the answer you are looking for.

Continuing the revolution

The selling point for the Skype for Business features is that it can be used as a complete meeting solution. With Microsoft committed to making communication and collaboration as intelligent and efficient as possible, in the pipeline for the UK is the addition of voice with cloud PBX, as well as PSTN calling and PSTN conferencing. This will allow companies using the service to add dial-in and dial-out capabilities, along with the aforementioned access across devices and the likes of in-app integration such as screen share, and video chat in documents. This further advancement is another step in making it easier to get important work done faster; in this case by side-stepping some of the logistical issues often faced by traditional telephony service.

Forward-thinking simplicity

Another aspect of Skype for Business’ efficiency is that user adoption is likely to be high and painless to incorporate thanks to the intuitive user interface (even for first time users), and the familiar look and feel of Skype for those who have used the sister program previously.

A major factor in companies moving their communications to Skype for Business is that, well, they already have it. Skype for Business is included in each Office 365 plan (Business Essentials and up), so the only thing you need to think about is how best to implement the changeover within your teams. The simplicity of getting up-and-running fast and effectively with Skype for Business is a real and valuable option for a lot companies. That’s another reason why we’re calling it a genuine gamer changer!

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