The Content and Code Value Journey Intranets done right first time, every time (Part 2)

Tim Wallis – CEO and Founder

This is the second in a three part series on Content and Code’s Value Journey to Office 365. The first post explored why clients choose Office 365 in the first place. This second post goes into greater detail about the ‘how’ of this journey.

Why do so many Collaboration and Communications Platform implementations fail? A lot of companies I speak to have apprehensions about how they roll out all the features and functionality offered by Office 365 to their company – it can feel like a daunting task; businesses are unsure where to start and are concerned about not seeing a clear ROI.

Common challenges for implementing Office 365

  • Why are we doing this?

  • What benefits will we get and when?

  • What is the potential return on investment?

  • What are our priorities and which workloads should we deploy first?

  • How do I ensure good user adoption?

  • What support do I need during implementation and ongoing, now my business has moved into the cloud?

At Content and Code we have years of experience of introducing some of the most cutting edge content and collaboration platforms and have developed our Value Journey to Office 365 to ensure our solutions are always a success. As I explained in the first post in this series, clients move to Office 365 because they’re pushed from the unsuitable technology they’re currently using, while being pulled to a state of the art solution. We understand that this is an important journey to get right and so go on the process with our clients to help them get the best out of Office 365 without the risks.

We’ve developed a unique and honed methodology which means each step of the journey is well planned, executed and delivers the expected benefits to clients throughout the journey.

Value Journey to Office 365

Our unique client journey

The Value Journey means we spend a lot of time on site working with our clients. We get to know them, find out exactly what they want, and frequently draw on our experience to recommend alternatives when we realise they need something different. We focus on building relationships, training end users and building a solution which is configured exactly to their current and future needs. Why all this effort when we could simply deploy Office 365 and leave them to get on with it?

  • Simply put, our approach drastically reduces friction and problems when implementing the complete Office 365 suite.
  • It gives them a view of short and long term ROI and prioritises workloads to get the best ‘bang for your buck’.
  • The approach takes smaller steps to achieve a larger goal – we iterate with small projects complemented with ongoing adoption and success services to gradually transform the way the organisation works.
  • It’s simply the best solution to allow you to benefit from the full power of Office 365 functionality: Exchange; Yammer; Skype; OneDrive; SharePoint; Groups; Office 365 Video; Delve; Sway; Power BI; OneNote and Office ProPlus.

Value Journey to Office 365: Step by step

Typically, the Value Journey extends over a few months. We constantly adapt our method as we build relationships with clients and end users. Each stage in the journey has clear short and long term outcomes and gives clients confidence that the programme of work is going as they expected.

Our approach incorporates two broad strands – on one hand we gradually implement ‘hard’ features of Office 365 – Skype, Delve, OneDrive for Business – in a logical series of steps. There is also a ‘soft’ element in the journey, where we configure the stack to the particular needs of users

Value Journey to Office 365

As the timeline shows, the journey Content and Code’s clients take is divided into a number of activities which introduce Office 365 features which then translate into visible outcomes for the business. We begin with strategy, where we work with clients to draw up their ‘dream’ plan, the ROI and how we will communicate this vision to the company as a whole. We then gradually introduce different features of Office 365 in a logical order which help clients use the platform to its full potential.

We succeed where others fail

I’m proud of the success we’ve had with the Value Journey. When I see how much it changes the way the world works by boosting productivity and engaging staff, I’m amazed by how far the journey can take a company!

In the final post of this series I’ll be looking in detail at just how this approach changes the way organisations work.

Tim Wallis

Tim Wallis

CEO and Founder

Tim is the CEO of Content and Code and founded the company in 2001. As CEO of Content and Code, Tim focuses on corporate strategy, client and partner relationships, and has overall responsibility for driving the growth of the company. Tim founded Content and Code so he could help transform organisations to be more responsive, more competitive and engage their employees to better realise business goals.

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