An unwanted interruption: the true cost of downtime

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A 2015 report from market intelligence firm IDC that examined the cost of downtime came to some quite startling results. For the Fortune 1000, the average total cost of unplanned application downtime is roughly £1 billion to £2 billion per year. With the average cost of an infrastructure failure estimated at just over £75,000, downtime is a serious issue. And yet, for something that can prove so costly, preventing downtime isn’t as monumental a task as you may think.

Managing IT systems can be a thankless job. Systems and software are expected to ‘just work’, regardless of the effort and complexities that can lie beneath the surface. However, when something goes wrong, as an IT Director you’re instantly in the spotlight of the whole business. The reason? As the IDC report highlights, system outages cost a business a lot of money.

At Content and Code, we understand that preventing outages is important to your business. We know that as an IT Director you have to dedicate large amounts of time making sure your technology is secure, patches are up to date, while overseeing all the day-to-day ‘stuff’ such as software performance and monitoring. And if something goes wrong, it takes a lot of time to get any one of these areas back up and running. When downtime strikes, the buck stops with IT Directors. If that means your team working extended hours – or even pulling an all night shift – you’re expected to deliver.

From the damage to a company’s reputation and customer loyalty to the time and cost of remedial activities, there are a number of factors that contribute to the turmoil of downtime. So, how you can prevent and deal with system failures in your Microsoft investment, saving you time and, ultimately, saving your business money?

Persistent prevention

As part of our Office 365 services, Content and Code offer a support solution to meet your company’s specific needs. Fundamentally, however, our service focuses on three core principles:

  1. Prevention of system failure

From our experience, we have found the most important aspect of support to be the prevention of system failure. With proactive monitoring and regular health checks, we will safeguard your Microsoft investment – SharePoint or Office 365 – discover problems and prevent incidents before they arise and before they can take effect. The cost of downtime resulting from a system failure can be severe, but if you can eliminate the problem at its source, you can avoid the harsh consequences.

  1. Immediate response and a rapid resolution

We know the challenges you face as an IT Director. External breaches, network issues or even shadow IT can over time all contribute to system failures. To combat this, Content and Code’s SharePoint and Office 365 services are available 24/7, with experts on hand to help you fix these issues instantly. As the most consistently awarded Microsoft Gold Partner in the UK, we take pride in providing world class, reliable service to all our customers, whenever they need it.

  1. Eradicate recurring outages

We believe helping our clients to learn why system failures have occurred is as important as preventing them in the first place. That’s why we include access to a Technical Account Manager and a Service Delivery Manager. The Content and Code team allocated to delivering your service will work seamlessly with your own teams in recommending appropriate system changes to avoid future outages.

A double-edged sword

Ironically, the process of avoiding downtime can take up a significant proportion of your time. We’re talking about all the work that goes into keeping the lights on: the maintenance of IT infrastructure, system reporting, checking service performance, seeing if your intranet is providing ROI, and so on. All of these tasks take time and effort on a regular basis.

And this can have an effect on the rest of your work. If you only have a fraction of your working week for all your other responsibilities – staying informed, learning about trends in the market, and managing change and consumption of your systems within your business – you risk being overwhelmed. That’s a waste of your skills and know-how and is detrimental to the wider business. To help IT Directors, Content and Code has created a suite of managed services which aim to cut the IT management burden.

Embracing technology and Office 365 services

Technology isn’t perfect; most companies will be able to recall a time they have suffered from a system outage, and subsequently had to deal with the criticism from their users. While these problems can’t be irrevocably prevented, Content and Code can offer a service that drastically reduces the chances of a system failure and provides near-instant support if the worst does happen. Avoid the financial cost of downtime, and earn back more time for yourself.

If your organisation is struggling to support your Office 365 environment, speak to Content and Code about our managed cloud support services.


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