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Reframing how employees think about email

Change management is simply the process of making things better. However, it is well known that driving change can be challenging. If employees don’t understand the need for changing to Office 365 they are reluctant to embrace it. Managers need to communicate the case...

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Steps to completing a successful SharePoint migration

Challenging the status quo and migrating from older versions of SharePoint, such as SharePoint 2007, to newer versions of SharePoint Server or even the cloud, can often seem like a complex, challenging and daunting task. With many organisations using highly customised...

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SharePoint and evolving business needs

With the cloud, enterprise technology is gaining more functionality and features faster than it ever has before. Due to the consumerisation of IT there is now a clear expectation from end-users and the business that new features that provide business value will become...

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On-demand: Office 365 Groups and Teams

How do Office 365 Groups and Teams really work for your organisation? Are you confused about how and when to use Office 365 Groups, Microsoft Teams and the array of services now available in the Office 365 toolkit? Want to know how not to get it wrong? Steve Goodman...

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The clock is ticking: preventing downtime

Learn how to add value to your Office 365 investment IT downtime costs UK enterprises a collective £10.5 billion per year. With individuals and companies more reliant on IT than ever, the cost of system outages hold an increasing level of risk. So, what can you...

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An unwanted interruption: the true cost of downtime

A 2015 report from market intelligence firm IDC that examined the cost of downtime came to some quite startling results. For the Fortune 1000, the average total cost of unplanned application downtime is roughly £1 billion to £2 billion per year. With the...

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Maximise your Microsoft investment

If you’re paying considerable sums of money on licences for tools, apps, devices and other software that aren’t getting enough (or any) use, costs can accumulate quickly and consume a significant portion of your budget. There are methods to help you get...

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Knowing the business value of SharePoint 2016

A 2016 report by the Nielsen Norman Group - Intranet Design Awards – found that 9 out of the 10 best intranets are built on SharePoint. Highlighted in the big announcement on May 4th in San Francisco, Jeff Teper also shared with us that over 200,000 organisations...

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How do I upgrade to SharePoint 2016?

Do you remember a time before SharePoint? Before your organisation had a unified and centralised method of storing and sharing content? The platform has become almost ubiquitous and has spawned many a copycat, changing the way the world works in the process....

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What’s new in OneDrive for Business?

Back in February at Microsoft’s Cloud Roadshow, we caught a glimpse of what the Redmond tech giant had planned for OneDrive for Business. At the time the roadmap was hinted at, most of the updates and new features were still very much in the pipeline. Now, however,...

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Preventing IT downtime

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