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Digital transformation is the phrase on every organisation’s lips. Creating a digital workspace where employees can collaborate and change the the ways they work, securely, is now imperative. If you are looking to learn more about Office 365, digital workspaces, Cloud Security or Microsoft technologies feel free to watch, download or join our free Office 365 content.

Cloud Security Technology and GDPR

Get access to our Cloud Security Technology and GDPR webinar on-demand, and learn firstly what GDPR is and how it will affect your organisation, and how Microsoft security technologies can help with GDPR compliance.


GSuite to Office 365

In this on-demand webinar, we’ll take you all the way from identity and access, through migration of different workloads and help you understand what your options are when migrating from GSuite to Office 365 – and how to avoid getting it wrong.


What you get with Office 365 E5

How does each individual additional feature, such as Cloud PBX, Advanced E-Discovery, Advanced Threat Protection or PowerBI provide real business value, increase productivity or provide worthwhile security and compliance gains?


Teams vs. Groups vs. Yammer

In this on-demand webinar, we’ll look at the productivity tools available within Office 365. Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Groups and Yammer all provide valuable features and benefits, but what should you use and when? Register now for your copy.


Office 365 Multi-Geo

In this on-demand webinar, we’ll take you through how you can start managing Office 365 across different geographies with Office 365 multi-geo. We will talk you through the different options available, and where it’s most appropriate to use them.


Staying compliant in Exchange Online

In this webinar we’ll walk through the various options available for staying compliant in Exchange Online, and help you understand where the line blurs into the rest of the Office 365 suite. You’ll walk away understanding the benefits and pitfalls of each approach to ensuring compliance.


We’ve helped these organisations transform the way they work with Office 365

As the UK’s largest Office 365 consultancy, and Microsoft’s leading Office 365 partner, Content and Code have worked collaboratively with many organisations to help them transform service delivery, engage employees and enable smarter, better ways of working. Content and Code can help you too.

Successful SharePoint Migrations

This webinar from two individuals with years of SharePoint migration experience, will provide you with the knowledge you require to successfully migrate your SharePoint environment to newer, more user-friendly versions.


Office 365 Groups and Teams

Successful adoption of Office 365 services within your organisation is hugely dependent on planning; find out how Office 365 Groups and tools such as Microsoft Teams empower you to get it right with this on-demand webinar.


What you didn’t know about Office 365

Get access to this on-demand webinar and you’ll walk away with a better understanding of the productivity applications within Office 365, and how each of these tools can be used to create a more productive workforce.


What’s new for Skype in Office 365

Steve Goodman, MVP and Principal Technology Strategist at Content and Code, reveals the in-depth features, and guides you how to build a strategic business case for Skype in your organisation. You will learn how to work more efficiently, saving time, money and resources.


Enable secure and compliant digital transformation within your organisation. Speak to Content and Code today.

We have led deployments of Microsoft technology at organisations across the UK and globally, and have had major success helping organisations to bring their Office 365 tools together, leveraging solutions such as Microsoft Teams to ensure Office 365 adoption success. For guidance specific to your organisation’s delivery and adoption of Office 365, speak to one of our consultants today.

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