Fresh Intranet

Fresh Intranet

Tailor make your collaboration portal with off-the-shelf customisations

Fresh Intranet, the fast track portal

Migrating to a new Intranet portal can be a daunting exercise. Companies perceive the journey as lengthy, costly and complicated.

You want an Intranet which will ‘just work’ while also helping colleagues do the specialised tasks they excel at. An ‘Intranet in a Box’ might be instant but will limit you long term. However, while a 100% customised SharePoint will do whatever you want, it can be time consuming to implement.

In today’s high pressured business environment, companies need high quality results delivered to tight budgets and restricted deadlines. Content and Code’s Fresh intranet gets you the Intranet you want fast.

Pre-builds for any scenario

Businesses need results fast. To help you save time, we have developed a wide range of carousels, widgets and components that correspond with the requirements of any business.

Draw on our enormous bank of intellectual property and avoid writing your own apps. Using Fresh Intranet, our pre-built tools are instantly available for your project, saving you time and costs while getting the customisation you need.

Whether it’s reference architecture for IT, communications for Project Management or helping finance and sales teams outdo targets with dedicated sites, our clients pick and choose their ideal Intranet.

How we can help

Once we know what you need we recommend pre-built components from our store

Our technicians build these into your intranet and make any further customisations as required

Get the Intranet you want immediately

“Fresh boosts productivity while getting our clients where they want to be very, very fast”.

Tim Wallis, CEO, Content and Code

Why we’re different

Content and Code is a multi-award-winning Microsoft Partner and twice winner of ‘Worldwide Partner of the Year’. Content and Code is a recognised Microsoft Gold Partner and has over 35 Yammer, SharePoint and Office 365 qualified professionals, as well as two Microsoft Most Valued Professionals (MVPs).

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