SharePoint intranet solutions

SharePoint Intranets

Microsoft’s communication and collaboration platform is the Intranet standard for enterprise.

Build yours with the UK’s most experienced company.

The intranet standard

The modern business needs a modern Intranet for communication and collaboration. Technology has advanced rapidly in recent years and end users have come to expect the best tools. Furthermore, if companies hope to remain competitive, they need an Intranet that allows them to be productive anywhere on any device. Consumer like experiences are the norm and your staff will develop shadow IT unless you provide them with a 21st Century Intranet. Your Intranet solution should allow social interactions; your Intranet should allow staff to keep up to date with their colleagues’ work; SharePoint Intranet solutions should provide the best search experience; your Intranet should be the digital workplace where staff start and end their day.

SharePoint intranet solutions

SharePoint intranet solutions are now the most popular for enterprise, providing the standard for communication and collaboration.

SharePoint expertise

Content and Code’s consultants have been deploying SharePoint intranet solutions since its inception in 2001. We have the largest qualified SharePoint intranets team in the UK with unparalleled experience and knowledge of the platform. We have a huge library of reusable components, templates and ideas we can use to get the best out any SharePoint Intranets investment.

At EasyJet, we designed and developed SharePoint Intranet solutions which focused on the firm’s key business challenges of document management and collaboration. We introduced electronic forms, business processes and records management to help streamline processes.

QatarGas needed to upgrade their SharePoint Intranet solutions with improved search, version control and wanted a hassle free migration. Content and Code were there to help achieve these goals.

How we can help

We develop a strategy for your SharePoint implementation

We test UX to help understand how staff will use the platform

We develop the apps for your specific needs

We offer managed services and support for your SharePoint solution to ensure its long term health

Our SharePoint healthcheck gives you the confidence that your deployment is running correctly

“The easyJet vision for our intranet is of an information and collaboration portal that simplifies business. With SharePoint, we are changing the experience for every employee”.

Andy Caddy, Head of IT Services, EasyJet.

Why we’re different

Content and Code is a multi-award-winning Microsoft Partner and twice winner of ‘Worldwide Partner of the Year’. Content and Code is a recognised Microsoft Gold Partner and has over 35 Yammer, SharePoint and Office 365 qualified professionals, as well as two Microsoft Most Valued Professionals (MVPs).

“Our targeted intranet strategies are key to our clients’ successes”.

Tim Wallis, CEO, Content and Code

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UX User Experience

Three primary factors influence our user experience approach: the technology, the user, and the context of use. We work with you to ensure that these elements are aligned so that your business goals are met.


We are Microsoft Gold Award certified and our consultants have been working with SharePoint since its inception meaning they have unparalleled expertise.


Whatever the needs and goals of your project, our consultants work with you to develop a strategy that ensures long term success.