SharePoint support tailored to your organisation’s specific requirements

SharePoint success supported

Your organisation depends on a robust, secure and dependable collaboration and communication platform. Users expect to be able to access their documents whenever they need and feel confident that their SharePoint environment won’t let them down. Not having the correct support infrastructure for SharePoint can cause downtime, faulty connections or poorly implemented updates that can have major consequences for your business. Whether you have a business critical issue that needs resolving quickly, or have a longer-term goal to provide additional resource to manage a complex deployment from SharePoint on-premises to SharePoint Online, our SharePoint support team is on hand.

Businesses need a SharePoint environment to be fully operational at all times. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, our technical support teams are fully certified in core Microsoft technologies meaning you get access to industry expertise and unparalleled SharePoint support services.

Available 24/7, with our SharePoint support services you can reduce your IT downtime and dramatically improve your SLA with prioritised Microsoft support through Microsoft World Partner of the year, Content and Code.

Whether you decide to fully outsource your SharePoint support, manage it independently or combine your resources with ours, our consultants have extensive experience designing and managing bundled IT services tailored to your exact requirements.

Did you know that SharePoint 2007 will no longer be supported by October 2017?

If your organisation is currently running SharePoint 2007 on-premises this will no longer be supported by Microsoft by October 2017, leaving you with the only option of upgrading to SharePoint Server 2016, or SharePoint Online to ensure that your organisation is fully supported and making the most of latest features. At Content and Code, we help organisations just like yours upgrade to the latest versions of SharePoint to ensure that you are fully supported, and receiving the latest functionality available.

Maximise your SharePoint investment

Content and Code is an award winning Microsoft SharePoint consultancy that provides a full range of flexible SharePoint support options. Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing SharePoint environment, carry out a one-off SharePoint health check or help with preparing your organisation for a move to the cloud, our SharePoint support team can help you maximise your SharePoint investment.

SharePoint health checks

If you are running dated versions of SharePoint, we can undertake a comprehensive SharePoint health check to ensure your environment stays working as it should.

SharePoint upgrades

Make sure that you are running the most efficient SharePoint environment within your organisation with the latest and fully support version of SharePoint.

Service design packages

We can help ensure that your SharePoint environment is properly supported with a customised service design package.

To learn more about what SharePoint support could like for your organisation, get in touch with Content and Code today.

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