Improving communication and collaboration with Office 365, Yammer and SharePoint solutions

17,000 Employees

London/UK, Bermuda, United States, Asia-Pacific, Europe and Canada



  • Catlin operate across a 20-hour time zone which means that the majority of the time someone somewhere is trying to access files and documents – they needed a system that was “always on” yet secure.
  • Catlin had no central system for collaboration – employees and teams worked in silos and sharing documents and information was non-existent.
  • Limited functionality on current systems meant that searching for colleagues, documents, meetings or notes was redundant and a waste of time.
  • The previous system had a small database, it was unable to store all the data needed, resulting in the use of ‘shadow IT’
  • Knowledge transfer was near impossible, employees were unable to search for experts or specialities and had no way of finding the people they needed without a long process.


  • We partnered with Catlin to offer complete architecture and design services for their SharePoint platform.
  • We worked with Catlin to develop a strategy for their SharePoint implementation, ensuring user adoption and engagement.
  • Our User Experience team worked with Catlin to develop a strategy to successfully introduce SharePoint across their organisation.
  • We helped Catlin avoid security issues with their new SharePoint Platform through our ID access and security panning.
  • We assessed and planned for the different workloads, storage and compute requirements Catlin had.
  • We assessed Catlin’s Active directory implementation and network planning prior to their SharePoint solution launch.


  • Catlin now one central hub “The Catwalk” that is secure and “always on”.
  • Employees are now communicating and collaborating across borders and time zones using the new platform.
  • The functionality of the system allows users to surface relevant information quicker and easier.
  • Internal knowledge and specialities are easily discovered and found via the searchable people profiles.
  • Versioning is now a thing of the past, Catlin employees now co-author documents in real-time as a team.
  • SharePoint has provided Catlin with a roadmap for future growth and projected cost savings.
  • Storing documents in the cloud on team sites has reduced the need for a large user storage.

Ensure the global solution remains performant to facilitate the continous growth of Catlin as it expands its offering throughout the globe.