Cyril Sweett

Discover how we helped the construction company increase staff productivity, reduce risk and deliver consistent service to their clients by improving communication across their global offices.


Cyril Sweett is an international construction and property consultancy with 18 offices in the UK and nine offices overseas. The company needed to establish better communication between their global offices in order to deliver the same level of expertise across the business and provide consistent levels of service to their clients. They also wanted to increase productivity by providing employees with a single location where they could share and find information – and reduce risk by ensuring staff used the same approved documents and processes.


Cyril Sweett’s new intranet has empowered its staff, unified the business and improved communication and information sharing between offices across the globe. Automated forms and standardised processes have increased staff productivity and ensured that any information used is valid, up-to-date and comes from approved sources.


After discussing several options with Cyril Sweett, Content and Code worked with them to deliver a new intranet built on a Microsoft SharePoint platform, a solution featuring:

  • Document library views that steer users to the right information
  • Document version control, enabling employees to collaborate more effectively
  • Quick links to important information, such as Health and Safety documents
  • Advanced search helping employees easily find, use and share information
  • A Chief Executive blog, improving transparency within the business • A company news bulletin to keep employees up-to-date with all the latest developments • A customisable events calendar

“The intranet built by Content and Code, has permitted is to reduce the risk of having employees use information that is out-of-date. It has also helped improve productivity as employees no longer spend their time searching for information in multiple data repositories or recreating documents that already exist. We chose to work with Content and Code because they offer a complete solution and have a strong track record. We appreciated working with a company that offered practical solutions to our particular needs and would be pleased to work with Content and Code in the future.”

Paul Wainwright Professional Practice Manager Cyril Sweett