Delve on every device

Collaboration and Document Management.

Change the way you work

Office Delve helps you to discover documents and information that is most relevant for you across Office 365.

Delve works through machine-learning so the more you collaborate with colleagues by viewing, editing and sharing each other’s documents, the more useful Office Delve becomes.

Delve learns from how you work and tailors the information especially for you meaning that your Delve is different from your colleagues view.

Key features

Available on all major devices.

Office Delve uses intelligent machine learning to understand who you work with, what you work on and then begins pushing you the content that you need to see.

Maps what users are doing right now on email, Calendar, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business.

Delve comes with a powerful search tool, which helps you find what you need much more easily

How we can help

Define specific use cases

Understand how your employees are likely to use the tool

Provide the right level of training

Drive user adoption

Deliver long-term, measurable benefits from their investment.

“Content and Code’s agile methodology worked well for us. The proof really is the end result and it was fantastic. We are now using the scrum methodology for our own internal IT projects and are already in discussions with Content and Code for future projects. We value ourselves on trust so once we choose reliable external partners we stick with them for years.”

Mark Lloyd, Intranet & Communications Manager, Howdens.


  • Save time looking for documents, information and people.
  • Access Delve wherever you are on mobile devices.
  • Instantly access the most relevant content.

Why we’re different

Moving to Office 365 can seem like an intimidating investment but our Value Journey is tailor-made to clients and ensures that the move to the cloud isn’t such an enormous gamble. We take small steps when implementing the platform, and users begin to see positive outcomes right from the beginning of the journey.

“At Content and Code, we’re changing the way the world works – we’re putting Delve on every device”.

Tim Wallis – CEO and Founder