Improving communication and collaboration with Office 365, Yammer and SharePoint solutions


What was the challenge? easyJet are a UK-led airline serving all of Europe. As a dynamic company, they needed a platform to support their growth. They wanted to connect staff continent-wide and allow them to work together more effectively and needed a collaborative work space that would support this objective. They also wanted to enable their staff to self-serve as much as possible, providing access to all the tools staff need to do their job. As Andy Caddy, Head of IT Services, explained, ‘We ask all our customers to serve themselves, and, increasingly, we ask all our employees to serve themselves.That means demands on IT are pretty intensive, and we want things to be very efficient.”


easyJet chose Content and Code to architect, design, develop and implement an intranet that would provide them with a collaborative platform. Built on Microsoft SharePoint, the new intranet allowed easyJet to solve their key business challenges of document management and collaboration – as well as provide them with the following features:

  • Electronic Forms
  • Business Processes
  • Records Management

“The easyJet vision for our intranet is of an information and collaboration portal that simplifies business. With SharePoint, we are changing the experience for every employee. We have found the little things make a huge difference to our employees; being able to book rooms, find people and exchange documents online is a huge benefit”.

“Ultimately you have crews all around the world relying on SharePoint to find the information they need to brief the crew, to enable planes to turn around faster and enable better customer service”.

Andy Caddy, Head of IT Services

The results

easyJet’s intranet brings people and information together and allows staff to do everyday tasks more efficiently.