“If there is a better company in-tune with Microsoft, their products and how to farm the best possible solution and productivity, then I have yet to find them.”

400 Employees

New York, London



  • Exposure was over reliant on email for collaboration and communication.
  • The ageing email system (Exchange 2007 on-premises) was causing frequent “down time” and needed a lot of IT support.
  • Staff were wasting many hours deleting and archiving emails because they had very limited server space.
  • They wanted to promote new ways of working between departments, offices and companies to reflect their innovative culture and brand.
  • Exposure wanted to become more efficient with their client reporting and communication to ensure they provided a unique and compelling customer experience.


  • Content and Code helped Exposure with their Office 365 Strategy and Journey to the Cloud.
  • This involved migrating their existing email platform to Exchange Online, providing a highly reliable email system with very large mail box capacity.
  • We configured and deployed Skype for Business to all staff and offices.
  • We undertook business benefits mapping and user experience activities, to better understand
  • Exposure’s strategic goals, employee needs and existing collaboration practices.


  • Exposure now have the latest communications and collaboration platform to ensure every employee can do their best work.
  • IT costs have been reduced – there is far less support required from the internal teams as services are now cloud based.
  • Risks involved with using the previous older software have gone. Every year Office 365 automatically upgrades its software across all users, so Exposure can be comfortable that they are using the most up to date technology, without the worry of licence expiry dates.
  • IT related complaints have greatly diminished now they have reliable email. Staff no longer waste time deleting and archiving emails.
  • Exposure have improved the speed and efficiency of their communication with Skype for Business allowing them to work faster and keep clients happy.
  • Important emails containing essential production data are able to be retrieved even if they are accidentally deleted.
  • Staff can now install Office on multiple devices, not just one.

“The number of companies I contacted for this project ran in to double figures, but my search stopped when I found Content and Code. I had a number of concerns about the project, given its complexity and size and the reluctance to change within my organisation. However, I was overwhelmed and comforted by the technical breadth of the team I worked with. My hope was to start migrating users in June and finish in September. We were all finished by the end of June! Every aspect of the project was conducted professionally and thoroughly. If there is a better company in-tune with Microsoft, their products and how to farm the best possible solution and productivity then I have yet to find them.”

Ben Stratton-Woodward, IT Manager at Exposure