Mace construct their cloud future migrating from SharePoint on-premises to SharePoint Online

Construction and Consultancy

5 locations globally

Over 5,000 users

Operating from their HQ in London, Mace is a global consultancy and construction company offering highly integrated services across the full property life cycle. The expertise of Mace’s 5000 strong work force extends right through programme and project management, construction delivery, cost consultancy and facilities management.

Mace constantly strive to find solutions to complex infrastructure and property challenges. To do so they required an IT infrastructure that supports the organisation on a global scale, across a variety of departments and geographies. To keep up with rapid growth and changing business requirements, Mace saw the opportunity to move to the cloud with Content and Code.

“Office 365 is like a big tin of Quality Street, we have started with our favourites and are now ready to sample the others. There is no shortage of great options to choose from.”
Alan Webb – Group IT Director, Mace

Key business challenges Mace faced

An on-premises SharePoint 2013 environment presented several key challenges to Mace as an organisation. The Office 365 world, at the time of the release of SharePoint 2013, was drastically different to how it is now and for Mace there was a general feeling that there was no feature parity between SharePoint on-premises and Online, as they had just built their new data centres.

Due to the nature of on-premises environments, Mace were regularly patching SharePoint on 18 servers, plus 4 SQL and other supporting servers. Due to the complexities of patching SharePoint, Mace lost key members of staff from their day-to-day operations for days at a time, to ensure that there were no issues.

Mace had already started to look at Office 365 for an Exchange Online project they were looking in to and SharePoint Online looked like a quick win. The biggest benefit to IT was getting key members of the team back, and focusing on key business objectives, as they are not using their weekends to patch servers.

Creating an evergreen IT environment

Moving from an on-premises environment ultimately meant a move to the highest level of SharePoint, with the newest available features and product sets as a result of regular updates to Office 365 from the cloud. Among these new features that Mace can now utilise include; external sharing (a feature not available in previous on-premises environments); and the ability to push OneDrive for Business with the new sync client Office 365 provides, adding significant benefits to the way in which Mace work as an organisation.

Now with SharePoint Online, Mace have been able to break down the silos within the organisation and push the technology out to everyone. The SharePoint on-premises infrastructure no longer worries IT anymore as they can see the full value of the platform.

“We spent a hell of a lot of money to host the 20 servers required for the environment. Now these costs are gone. The key here is it is really simple to save money by moving to Office 365.”

Alan Webb – Group IT Director, Mace

Achieving instant ROI on the Office 365 investment

For Mace, moving to SharePoint online meant that there was an instant return on their Office 365 investment. The on-premises IT infrastructure Mace were operating with, had a big footprint within the overall IT budget. Mace had invested heavily to get SharePoint 2013 on-premises environment fully set-up and the on-going running costs were high.

The costs of running 22 Servers, an SQL database, and the overheads associated with the management of the infrastructure, meant there was a significant outlay on a month-by-month basis for Mace.

This move reduced complexity both directly and indirectly against Mace’s IT budget, as there is not the server infrastructure or management costs that are associated with a traditional on-premises environment.

Key benefits of migrating to the cloud

Mace now have a user-friendly platform that will help drive greater user adoption. Staff only need to have a Mace account and can access SharePoint from anywhere, and on any device.

Mace now have a platform that IT truly believe in and will recommend to the rest of the business.

Mace now have an ‘evergreen’ SharePoint Online that is always patched and always the latest version.

Mace have reduced cost and complexity both directly and indirectly against the IT budget, on server infrastructure and management costs that can now be channelled into achieving strategic business goals.

“We had an excellent experience with Content and Code. From initial discussions five months ago, to a complete SharePoint and OneDrive migration for 5,100 users is fantastic”

Alan Webb – Group IT Director, Mace

The future for Mace is in the cloud

Having undertaken the successful migration of SharePoint 2013, Mace is now confident of completing the journey to the cloud with Content and Code.

Mace are selectively looking at additional services that they can move into the cloud, including email support and service desk functions. Having seen the impact of migration from on-premises Mace is very much cloud-aligned when it comes to the future of the organisation and its IT strategy.

Mace now have the core elements of Office 365 implemented and are ready to implement new services from Office 365 when the time is right, such as Delve, Yammer, Teams, Groups, Power BI, Flow, Sway and Power Apps.

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