Global construction company Murphy Group takes a Fresh look at their cloud-first strategy

Engineering and Construction

11 locations globally

Over 4,000 users

J. Murphy & Sons Limited (Murphy) is a multi-disciplined engineering and construction company with a rich heritage of safe, innovative and sustainable solutions to complex infrastructure challenges. With its headquarters in London, Murphy operates globally, providing a wide range of construction services to the main infrastructure sectors of water, power, rail and natural resources. The company is supported through a self-delivery business model, industry-leading innovation and a large directly-employed team of over 4,000 engineers, professional managers and skilled operatives.

“There are three ways that we need to improve as a business. Collaboration and how we come together; ensuring we’re efficient; and making sure that we understand how we go to work.”

Steve Hollingshead, CEO, J. Murphy & Sons Ltd

Challenges that Murphy Group faced

Murphy wanted to keep pace with the rapid digitisation occurring in the workplace. Their challenge was to figure out what their priorities were and where to start to improve system availability, provide better resilience and to reduce costs. Murphy’s previous intranet was extremely dated and limited in terms of functionality.

They wanted their content to become more feature-rich and targeted to individual teams, which the old solution was not capable of supporting. The business had communications issues, specifically getting messages out to staff in a digital workforce located at various sites throughout the country.

Access to the intranet was previously only possible from a Murphy desktop or laptop computer. This restricted the employees’ working environment and made it particularly difficult to access documents while out of the office, which in the particular case of site engineers or call outs, limited productivity.

The Fresh solution and approach

In order to provide Murphy with a customisable communication platform where users can collaborate across the business, Content and Code implemented Fresh, built for SharePoint online. Fresh complements Office 365 by adding depth into intranet functionality combining a communications portal and collaboration hub with search and social.

Fresh is scalable so Murphy were able to prioritise the features that were the most important to them in order to adhere to tight deadlines. As such, they were up and running with their new Fresh solution, named ‘One Murphy’, to 1,700 users in six months.

Providing a replacement intranet that supports company-wide collaboration and communication, the ‘One Murphy’ Fresh aligns to the marketing and communications team and the designers’ aspirations for the design, look and feel, tying in with the new company website.

“The team is far more effective if it’s working collectively well, rather than a series of disconnected individuals”

Steve Hollingshead, CEO, J. Murphy & Sons Ltd

Outcomes of a Fresh outlook on digital transformation

The use of Fresh allows Murphy to benefit from a rapid deployment, having launched One Murphy in six months’ employees now have easy access to tools, resources and company information, mobile-responsive solution that provides an easy way to update and maintain content, and contains flexible templates for multi-use.

As Fresh is built on Office 365, the next step is to discover the additional benefits the Microsoft technology can offer. Collaboration is a key focus at Murphy and our unified communications team are working with their business to outline project and team collaboration sites, as well as exploiting the benefits of Exchange Online and Skype for Business.

By taking advantage of the most that Office 365 has to offer, Murphy will be become a fully digital and modern workplace.

Start your digital transformation journey today with a Fresh Intranet

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