Office 365 Groups

Boost collaboration with Office 365 Groups.

Unify your colleagues across Yammer, Outlook, SharePoint and OneDrive.

Connect and collaborate

For too long, colleagues have depended on lengthy email threads when collaborating. Keeping up to date and sharing ideas has become too complicated.

Office 365 Groups are the antidote to inefficiency. Staff can set up both public and private groups, invite colleagues and begin posting ideas. They can collaborate on documents in real time from the group’s easy interface and catch up with older conversation threads. You can also simply ‘like’ a post, saving everyone time and avoiding an inbox full of unhelpful email.

Content and Code’s consultants show you how to get the best out of Groups and ensure ROI with our Office 365 adoption and success services.

Groups are great

Once you begin using Groups you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. Communication and collaboration become more than buzz words. However, if you want to get the most out of the solution, training and configuration is a must.

Our dedicated consultants focus on your high value activities, helping you achieve your business goals. We teach you how to set up Groups and share information with practical examples in a way that is relevant to you.

We have helped so many clients fully understand the power of groups and consequently see high user adoption. This means they work more effectively, more productively and more naturally.

How we can help

User Experience: Our User Experience professionals work with you to understand how your people can benefit from Groups.

Strategy: We develop a strategy to help you seamlessly implement Groups across your business Our consultancy team provide targeted and expert training so your people can carry out high value activities

Value Journey: Our Value Journey helps you see the outcomes of moving to Groups from day one.


Adoption and Success: We train users how to begin a new Office 365 Group and use its features to their full potential.

“We’re changing the way the world works, and Office 365 Groups are a major part of that”.

Tim Wallis. CEO, Content and Code.