Pizza Hut Restaurants


Improving communication and collaboration with Office 365, Yammer and SharePoint solutions


160,000 + Employees

11,139 branches worldwide.



  • The outdated and manual paper based rota system was very inefficient and resulted in under and over staffing issues.
  • Understaffing resulted in poor customer experience, as there were not enough staff to adequately serve customers.
  • Staff were often over or under worked leading to poor staff retention and dissatisfied employees (insert stat).
  • Mobile workers had no way of remaining connected to Pizza Hut or communicating with other branches.
  • As a result, Facebook was being used as ‘shadow IT’ for shift swapping and branch communication, leading to security concerns.



  • Pizza Hut saw a notable reduction in missed staff shifts because employees now had a way to simply access rota information from anywhere at any time on any device.
  • Customer service was improved as restaurants were always well staffed as they had the correct ratio of staff to customers.
  • Staff retention and engagement was increased as staff felt connected to Pizza Hut via the new digital workspace and could securely and easily communicate with colleagues and managers.
  • Collaboration increased between restaurants, as employees shared innovative ideas, customer trends and reported problems.

“it’s like our old system but with steroids”