The solution we created for this leading global gas supplier has helped staff all across the organisation collaborate more effectively


Qatargas is a leading player in the liquefied natural gas industry.The organisation employs thousands of staff across the globe and needed a scalable platform that would let them manage and share documents efficiently and in compliance with company standards and business processes.

The Solution

At the time of engagement, Qatargas used a SharePoint environment for document management and collaboration. But as the organisation grew in size and complexity, it also began to outgrow its existing platform. Content and Code created a new, upgraded SharePoint solution to help the organisation manage its information more effectively and share it with its employees. Content and Code built and migrated the solution remotely from their London offices with no downtime for Qatar Gas. The solution has helped department and project teams work together using the following features:

  • An Enterprise Search capability that places information at the fingertips of all staff
  • Version control functionality that enables staff to work collaboratively on the same documents while keeping close track of their progress
  • Approval processes that ensure all documents are properly reviewed before being published
  • An internal newsletter that allows Qatargas to keep staff up-to-date with what’s going on in the business.

The Results

Qatargas staff can now find and share information more efficiently. Time-consuming permission requests previously received by the IT department are now handled locally and the organisation can quickly and effectively resolve security and capacity issues.

“Content and Code worked with Qatargas as a team to design and deploy a new environment, which resulted in a scalable platform with optimised performance. With Content and Code’s help, we were able to get the entire system upgraded and migrated completely remotely, which was excellent.

With Content and Code’s help, we were able to get the entire system upgraded and migrated remotely, which was excellent.”

Fathi Abu Alam Lead Network Systems Administrator Qatargas