The New SharePoint:

Simple. Intelligent. Untethered.

The mobile and intelligent intranet with anywhere access and sharing.

Change the way you work

SharePoint is Microsoft’s flagship content and document management system. Available on-premises, or as part of Office 365, SharePoint intranet solutions have the flexibility to meet a wide variety of business cases.

A SharePoint system is a fully interactive environment for your staff allowing you to create everything from knowledge-sharing communities, to filling in expenses forms and taking part in online discussions.

Additionally an intranet that features policy and procedural documents and clear business processes can help your business to operate to the same high standards and help you to be compliant with industry standards.

Key features

SharePoint intranet allow users to instantly create, share, edit and discuss documentation in a secure environment.

Content Management with advanced publishing controls to enable users to exchange content with specific groups of people, or the entire organisation

Organise, manage and track projects, and assign tasks to team members, with integration to Microsoft Project if required.

Take documents offline with OneDrive for Business, with automatic synchronisation when an internet connection is available.

Records Management for formal data capture and auditing, enabling automatic or manual archiving of documents based on defined retention policies.

How we can help

We use Microsoft SharePoint intranet solutions to implement a host of services including:
  • Reporting and dashboards to increase the accuracy of reporting.
  • Workflows that guarantee tasks are followed in an approved order
  • Records management for policies or highly regulated content.
  • Implementing electronic forms.
  • Advanced document management systems to help you manage your documents more effectively.
  • Provide search solutions that connect people and information.

“The intranet built by Content and Code, has permitted us to reduce the risk of having employees use information that is out-of-date. It has also helped improve productivity as employees no longer spend their time searching for information in multiple data repositories or recreating documents that already exist”. 

Paul Wainwright, Professional Practice Manager, Cyril Sweett

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Build collaborative workspaces, perfect for project teams and departments to share knowledge and ideas, and connect with their peers.

Create Corporate communications and news portals, with video libraries.

Set-up advanced permissions, security and compliance controls, and data encryption to protect valuable intellectual property

Build personal workspaces with OneDrive for Business, for file sync and share across desktops, browsers and mobile devices

Why we’re different

Content and Code have been working with and developing SharePoint intranet solutions since its inception, and our consultants have a deep understanding of the product that few competitors can match. This allows us to deploy and configure the vast feature set in a way that makes sense to your organisation.

Each business is different, so our approach starts with understanding business strategy and high value activities, in order to ascertain where you will gain the maximum return on investment. By focusing on these activities and creating a roadmap of future implementations, Content and Code can really make a difference to your day-to-day operations and deliver project success.

“At Content and Code we have years of experience of introducing some of the most cutting edge content and collaboration platforms and have developed our Value Journey to ensure our solutions are always a success”.

Tim Wallis – CEO and Founder