Wembley Stadium

We created a dynamic, collaborative solution that enabled Wembley Stadium to plan events more efficiently

“The best thing about Gateway is its usability. Anyone using the internet can work out the key features. They can click and navigate the site to find information quickly and easily.”

Jo Lumb Head of Event Management Wembley Stadium


Wembley Stadium is the UK’s leading sports and entertainment venue. The organisation needed a platform on which thousands of staff, third parties and suppliers could collaborate to run events successfully. The problem was that everyone involved in event planning was forced to search through multiple folders, documents and emails to find and share the information they needed. This was inefficient and costing Wembley Stadium time and money.


Content and Code built an intranet ‘Gateway’ on a Microsoft SharePoint platform to bring all Wembley Stadium’s vital events-planning information into one place. Stakeholders can now collaborate on single versions of documents. Plus they can search for the people and information they need quickly and easily using an Enterprise Search functionality. The Gateway created for Wembley Stadium features: • A calendars and current events section • Enterprise Search functionality • Service alerts • Workflows • Online forms • Online reporting • Departmental areas including process documents.


The collaborative Gateway has been well-received at all levels of the organisation. Project teams and related staff can now perform their jobs more efficiently. Wembley Stadium use the Gateway for everything from quickly training temporary staff, to providing accurate, up-to-date and compliant safety documents to all who need them.

“Gateway is such a valuable tool. It engages people with what is happening in the business and gives them a sense of belonging.”

Jane Baker Head of Marketing and Communications Wembley Stadium