Drive employee engagement and communication with an Enterprise Social Network.

Change the way you work

Yammer is an enterprise social network that drives employee engagement and communication by providing a platform for your users to connect and share knowledge and information.

Yammer can be used to enhance collaboration in small teams, support projects spanning continents and time zones, and bring all levels of an organisation closer together.

Key features

A private enterprise social network dedicated to connecting your organisation and your employees.

Deliver a rich communication platform by combining networks, activity feeds and messaging.

Intuitive mobile apps to allow your stakeholders and users to keep the conversation going, even when outside of the office.

Close integration with Office 365 and SharePoint, to enable your users to discuss documents and content side-by-side.

How we can help

Define specific use cases

Understand how your employees are likely to use the tool

Provide the right level of training

Drive user adoption

Deliver long-term, measurable benefits from their investment.

“It’s important for us to partner with people that actually understand the company, understand our values, understand our culture and what we want to achieve, and be very transparent in their dealings with us, and that’s what we got with Content and Code.”

Paul Jardine- COO, Catlin

Why we’re different

Content and Code have a defined methodology for the successful implementation of Yammer. In our experience, the technology should not be the main focus of a Yammer rollout.

Business change is the most important factor, and our approach enables us to define specific use cases, understand how your employees are likely to use the tool, provide the right level of training, and ultimately drive user adoption. This allows organisations to seed and grow communities and deliver long-term, measurable benefits from their investment.


Boost levels of engagement between employees by giving them an effective voice and forum.

Capture tacit knowledge, surface new ideas and drive innovation amongst staff and teams.

Connect all levels of an organisation and respond faster to questions, queries and changes.

“The journey Content and Code’s clients take is divided into a number of activities which introduce Office 365 features which then translate into visible outcomes for the business.”

Tim Wallis – CEO and Founder