Our Services


Whatever the needs and goals of your project, our consultants work with you to develop a strategy that ensures long term success.

Journey to the Cloud

When we take clients on the journey to the cloud, they see return on investment and continual improvement throughout the process.


We are Microsoft Gold Award certified and our consultants have been working with SharePoint since its inception meaning they have unparalleled expertise.


With our wide ranging support services, you can be sure that downtime will never hold you back again.

Application Development

From apps to widgets to mobile experiences, our developer team is able to build the solution you need, regardless of complexity

Managed Services

Leave the stress of managing your systems, platforms and data centres in our hands and focus on what you do best.

Private Cloud Hosting

Flexible, Scalable, Secure. Our Private Cloud Hosting services allow you to store your apps, services and data in our state of the art, UK based data centres

SharePoint Upgrades

SharePoint is always improving, and our SharePoint upgrades help you stay up to date with the latest features.

SharePoint health check

Like any infrastructure, SharePoint needs to be undergo regular health checks to ensure you’re getting the most out of your software.

SharePoint Workspace

From User Experience to setting up farms and infrastructure, we build and deliver SharePoint platforms that are perfectly configured to your needs.

Unified Communications

Communication should be easy. We help you draw all your different communications tools and services into a unified portal.

Success and adoption services

We provide support and guidance to help your users understand and incorporate your new tools into their working lives.


Our targeted training focuses on your high value activities, meaning your colleagues can use technology to boost performance.


Knowing how your people are using your communication and collaboration portal is essential to developing best practice and policy.

Community Management

We work best when we work social. Our Community Management services help give your users get the most out of the social intranet.

UX User Experience

Three primary factors influence our user experience approach: the technology, the user, and the context of use. We work with you to ensure that these elements are aligned so that your business goals are met.


The social Intranet helps you find people, share knowledge and collaborate naturally and we help you use Yammer to its full potential.

Identity and Access

Content and Code help you manage roles, permissions and rights with secure single sign-on Identity and Access management.

Service Design

Our service design package includes processes, policies and full documentation aimed to meet your business support requirements now and in the future.

Quality Assurance

You want to be sure that your new tools are running perfectly. Our Quality Assurance testing gives you the confidence they are.