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Content and Code specialises in developing Microsoft SharePoint platforms to help you to work smarter and faster. We can create applications that enhance your Microsoft SharePoint platform. You still have only one system to support and manage but you can also enjoy additional features that meet your specific business goals.


Content and Code has helped hundreds of organisations gain competitive advantage by developing custom-built applications that can help their business

How we can help

Creating business dashboards and reporting.

Developing custom-built mobile applications

Workflow process automation.

Integration into business systems like SAP, Oracle and other data repositories

“The Finance Control Tool (FCT) has enabled us to deliver a strengthened culture of risk and control consciousness across Old Mutual and the impact and benefits of such a cultural mindset will facilitate the pursuit of best practice and efficiency, ultimately ensuring that we do not materially misstate our financial reporting numbers. FCT is now a repository for our risk and controls documentation, enables an assessment of our control environment, and enables us to report accurately and efficiently on the quality of our controls.”

Sean Retief
Finance Systems Development and Support Manager

Why we’re different

Content and Code is a multi-award-winning Microsoft Partner and twice winner of ‘Worldwide Partner of the Year’. Content and Code is a recognised Microsoft Gold Partner and has over 35 Yammer, SharePoint and Office 365 qualified professionals, as well as two Microsoft Most Valued Professionals (MVPs).

“At Content and Code we have years of experience of introducing some of the most cutting edge content and collaboration platforms and have developed our Value Journey to ensure our solutions are always a success”.

Tim Wallis – CEO and Founder

Prevention to perfection: bridging the technology skills gap

As we become more digital, the technology skills gap has become a growing concern for businesses the world over. So much so, that Go.On created a digital exclusion heatmap – using open source data to highlight which areas of the UK were most likely to succumb to...

Maximise your Microsoft investment

If you’re paying considerable sums of money on licences for tools, apps, devices and other software that aren’t getting enough (or any) use, costs can accumulate quickly and consume a significant portion of your budget. There are methods to help you get full value and...

What’s new in SharePoint 2016 for developers and pros?

Whenever organisations choose to deploy or migrate to SharePoint, they almost always depended on a team of SharePoint developers and experts to enhance and customise the platform and target it to their own needs. From creating workflows, branding and redesigning sites...

Our expert development team could deliver the solution you need. Contact us today and find out how we can help.

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