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We consider your complete technical and management strategy to understand the challenges facing your organisation and how Microsoft products – can meet them.


We consider how solutions like cloud computing could reduce your overall IT spend and improve services to end users. We have helped hundreds of organisations with our SharePoint Consultancy Service. We have helped them with everything from high-level strategy to technical and architectural issues.

SharePoint consultancy: How we can help

Drive user adoption and engagement cross your organisation.


Undertake analytics and conduct research.

Undertake strategic workshops to understand your business goals and challenges

Implement a strategy to move to the cloud.

“Content and Code listened to our needs intently, particularly around balancing accessibility and usability of the back end of the system”.

Kelly Harrison, Web and Digital Marketing Manager RNIB

Why we’re different

Content and Code is a multi-award-winning Microsoft Partner and twice winner of ‘Worldwide Partner of the Year’. Content and Code is a recognised Microsoft Gold Partner and has over 35 Yammer, SharePoint and Office 365 qualified professionals, as well as two Microsoft Most Valued Professionals (MVPs).

“We spend a lot of time on site working with our clients. We get to know them, find out exactly what they want, and frequently draw on our experience to recommend alternatives when we realise they need something different. We focus on building relationships, training end users and building a solution which is configured exactly to their current and future needs.”

Tim Wallis – CEO and Founder

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5 ways your rivals are using SharePoint to engage employees more effectively than you

5 ways your rivals are using SharePoint to engage employees more effectively than you

The UK has a workforce engagement problem, and it’s costing a lot. Recent research shows that ‘presenteeism’ (when employees are physically at work, yet are not fully engaged) costs the UK economy £15.1 billion per annum. The workforce engagement problem is shared by many developed countries, but it’s particularly acute in the UK, as research from Gallup shows: Fig 1. Engagement by selected countries and regions

Using SharePoint

Source: Gallup 2013

While the UK has slightly more ‘engaged’ employees then the rest of Western Europe, we lag behind North America when it comes to truly happy workers. Most worryingly however, we have much higher rates of ‘actively disengaged’ employees than the average for those regions.

It’s hardly rocket science, but bored, frustrated and miserable workers won’t perform at their best. They’ll take longer to complete tasks, avoid work if they aren’t compelled to do so and will be uninspired to innovate. Of course, some of the responsibility here comes down on the side of employees. Nonetheless, if you really want to compete against your rivals both in the UK and abroad, ensuring employees are engaged is crucial.

In today’s post, we’re going to look at ways that using SharePoint environment can increase employee engagement and, in the long run, boost your bottom line.

1. Making using SharePoint fresh and exciting

SharePoint is an amazingly powerful tool for employee productivity. It can help reduce costs, save time when finding documents and facilitate knowledge sharing. However, this all depends on people actually using it; SharePoint adoption is notoriously difficult if employees are untrained and don’t understand the platform.

So, how are your competitors using SharePoint to: a) get people actually online and b) getting them to stay there? At Content and Code, we recommend keeping your SharePoint content fresh and relevant by appointing a SharePoint content manager. If your environment is full of outdated and unreadable content, people are unlikely to log on unless they really need to. Update it with videos, company news and make sure sites and libraries that are no longer important get archived.

2. Show how using SharePoint can help make their jobs easier

SharePoint has the potential to make work a lot less dull. It removes the need to do endless filing, it makes it much easier to find company information and makes it much simpler to get documents signed off (and many more things besides). SharePoint can reduce the pain points of your employees, and with a little development, can cut out many of their most hated tasks.

So, how are your competitors using SharePoint to reduce employee pain points? The most obvious method here is regular, practical training. We’ve all been to generic training sessions and struggled to keep our eyes open. However, if training is targeted at your users’ specific needs and shows them how they can save time and effort, they’ll be wide awake.

3. Let them do what they do best

Very few people love every part of their jobs. However, if they can accentuate their favourite aspects and reduce the repetitive and monotonous parts, you can count on them becoming more engaged.

So, how are your competitors using SharePoint to emphasise the best parts of their employees’ jobs? One key action here is automation. Using SharePoint allows you to transform many repetitive procedures and processes with Nintex Workflows. From employee on-boarding to customer requests to ensuring reports are checked off, Nintex digitises these dull processes, completing them a lot quicker. Rather than having to, for example, hunt down your busy CFO before signing off an invoice, Nintex does this all for you via email, reminders and notifications. This makes sure none of the steps gets missed out and removes one of the less inspiring aspects of work.

4. Fewer meetings = happy employees

Let’s be honest, very few people really enjoy meetings. They often feel unproductive and research suggests up to 25% of meeting time is wasted.

How are your competitors using SharePoint to cut down on pointless meetings? SharePoint provides a range of tools to help you reduce the need to attend meetings. You can, for example, record meetings and place these on SharePoint for those who weren’t present to listen to during their journey home. You can also use SharePoint in conjunction with Skype for Business so colleagues can share screens and get things done without having to actually travel and meet up.

5. Make work more social

A major cause of workplace disengagement is that offices can become quite impersonal places – especially in organisations with a geographically spread workforce or an office environment that makes spontaneous chatter difficult.

How are your competitors using SharePoint to make work more human? Yammer takes your dry Intranet and turns it into a place where social interaction happens. Colleagues are able to ‘meet’ one another, get to know colleagues in far flung offices and find out about the people they work with much more easily. Increased engagement is almost a given.

Keen to see your employees become more engaged? Get in touch to find out how we can help today.


Tailored training is vital for success

We target our training sessions to focus on the most high value activities for your company.

Get users excited with Office 365 SharePoint training

Having invested considerable resources, time and effort into your company’s SharePoint, Office 365 or Yammer solution, you want to be sure that colleagues will actually use it. User adoption is crucial to your platform’s success and will have enormous productivity benefits. Office 365 SharePoint Training is the most direct method of helping users get the most out of the tool. However, generic, one-way training can be uninspiring and leave users feeling like they have wasted their time. If you want employees to get behind your new communications and collaboration platform it’s crucial that you accompany this with relevant and targeted training. We provide Office 365 and SharePoint training that helps people do their job and is linked to the attainment of business goals.

Targeted Office 365 SharePoint training

When training is generic and unfocused it is rarely useful. We get to know our clients’ goals and strategy and align our training to their specific needs. The kind of training that is helpful for one company is irrelevant to another, and Content and Code’s methods reflect this. Our focus is on your organisation’s high value activities. We target training to the tasks and procedures which are most important to you and show your employees how to leverage SharePoint, Office 365 and Yammer to their full potential. For example, if your goal was to improve collaboration, our consultants could focus on how Yammer can improve information sharing across teams. Whatever your needs, we provide targeted training to ensure your high value activities are achieved in the best way.

How we can help

Undertake strategic workshops to understand your strategic business goals, challenges and how you’ll benefit from Office 365, SharePoint and Yammer

Understand how your people work today Conduct user research to understand your users’ high value activities

We can map how you work today, and show how this can be improved in future


Implement analytics to track the successful completion of high value activities

Develop training schedules which focus on your high value activities

Provide ongoing training based on the analytics of how systems are being used

Why we’re different

Content and Code is a multi-award-winning Microsoft Partner and twice winner of ‘Worldwide Partner of the Year’. Content and Code is a recognised Microsoft Gold Partner and has over 35 Yammer, SharePoint and Office 365 qualified professionals, as well as two Microsoft Most Valued Professionals (MVPs).

“Content and Code’s training focusses on helping your staff do their jobs more efficiently ensuring they help your business achieve strategic goals”.

Tim Wallis, CEO, Content and Code

Content and Code’s consultants will help your employees get the most out of your Intranet. Get in contact with use to find out about our targeted SharePoint training today.

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SharePoint Workspace

SharePoint Workspace

We architect, design and build your platform to ensure you get the best experience from SharePoint.

Use our proven experience of running some of the biggest SharePoint farms in the world.

Sharepoint configured

SharePoint is an incredibly powerful collaboration, document management and digital workspace environment. However, ensuring your infrastructure has solid foundations requires deep planning and expert knowledge.

Without effective preparation and implementation, your staff will encounter a range of adoption issues which will limit their experience, meaning you don’t get the return you expect from your investment.

When configured correctly to the specific needs of your organisation, SharePoint has the potential to radically improve productivity and inefficiency.

Content and Code’s architects ensure your Office 365 SharePoint platform follows Microsoft’s best practice guidelines and fully supports your business needs.

Built to last

At Content and Code we design SharePoint solutions which are built to last. Our consultants have been working with the environment since its first iteration and have helped hundreds of clients boost productivity with personalised solutions.

We help you architect and design SharePoint to meet your specific needs and high value activities. Whether your focus is on sharing, document management, security, hybrid cloud or mobility, we have the in-depth knowledge to build your ideal environment.

At Arup we helped improve collaboration across the business. With an existing installation of twenty nine SharePoint farms, we helped reduce complexity to one global hybrid solution, allowing the firm to take advantage of the best of cloud and on-premises.

We always architect our solutions to consider both your financial and collaboration needs.

How we can help

We offer complete architecture and design services for your SharePoint on-premises, hybrid or private cloud solution

We carry out a thorough health check of your current SharePoint intranet and infrastructure


We help you avoid security issues with ID access and security panning

Our hybrid deployments provide you with the power of the cloud and the security and compliance of On-Premises

Planning for different workloads, storage and compute requirements

Active directory implementation and network planning


Network and end user experience testing to ensure the SharePoint solution is performant

“It’s important for us to partner with people that actually understand the company, understand our values, understand our culture and what we want to achieve, and be very transparent in their dealings with us, and that’s what we got with Content and Code”.

Paul Jardine, COO, Catlin

Why we’re different

Content and Code is a multi-award-winning Microsoft Partner and twice winner of ‘Worldwide Partner of the Year’.

Content and Code is a recognised Microsoft Gold Partner and has over 35 Yammer, SharePoint and Office 365 qualified professionals, as well as two Microsoft Most Valued Professionals (MVPs).

“I’m genuinely proud of our consultants – we have experts for every aspect of SharePoint and can build a platform configured for any business”.

Tim Wallis, CEO, Content and Code

A successful SharePoint needs long term planning and preparation. Contact us today and find out how we can build your ideal environment.

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