UX User Experience

Aligning your technology objectives with your end-user needs.

User centred design

User-centred design (UCD) is an approach to design that is grounded in information about the people who will use the product.

Content and Code have a dedicated UX User Experience  team who work with you to create intuitive intranet interfaces adhering to best practice design standards. We do this with a well-balanced mix of UX User Experience tools, covering visioning, understanding, designing, prototyping, and validating.


Three primary factors influence our UX User Experience approach: the technology, the user, and the context of use. We work with you so that that these elements are aligned so that your business goals are met. Engaging end users means that your design fits with their needs and builds confidence and buy in to the system before launch.

User research

User research identifies the problems that need to be solved, from the end user perspective so that these are built into the project approach. This ensures that we consider user adoption and do not solely focus on the technical solution.

Our user centered design process starts with research and evaluation through workshops, face-to-face interviews, focus groups and / or surveys to establish what users will find useful, and to understand why. These activities identify how your employees work, areas they find inefficient, processes they follow as well as what information they access, and would like to access in the future.

Our research activities establish the depth to which various concepts should be implemented in the new intranet or broader digital work space solution, how receptive the audience will be, and how much effort might be required in training and supporting a rollout.

How it’s applied

In developing the UX User Experience, from your user research we build user profiles or ‘Personas’. A persona is a fictional character that communicates the primary characteristics of a significant portion of employees from within your organisation.

They are focused, concise user models, grouped by similar behavioural patterns. They guide user scenarios, or what to include in a wire frame, launch plan, training plan or programme roadmap. We also create ‘before and after’ storyboards to help you to envision your digital workplace as a whole, factoring in technology, process and people aspects.

The emphasis is on how multiple technologies come together from your employee’s point of view. Enabling greater productively in teams, across geographies and in real time, using O365 tools to manage how they work, where, and when.

Why we’re different

Content and Code is a multi-award-winning Microsoft Partner and twice winner of ‘Worldwide Partner of the Year’.

Content and Code is a recognised Microsoft Gold Partner and has over 35 Yammer, SharePoint and Office 365 qualified professionals, as well as two Microsoft Most Valued Professionals (MVPs).

“This has been one of the most successful IT projects we’ve run in terms of feedback of the result. We have had a flood of positive reaction from the depots. Many of them expressed that they don’t know how they ever managed without this tool. To get this type of response from them was very satisfying.”

Mark Lloyd, Howdens

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