Azure Information Protection

Don’t get caught short with your sensitive data

What is Azure Information Protection?

Azure Information Protection (AIP) is a cloud-based Azure service that helps organisations to classify, label and protect corporate documentation and emails within their on-premises, cloud or hybrid environments. Actions can be undertaken automatically by IT admins, who can define and set rules and conditions for data, or manually by users. AIP also allows for a combination where users can be given recommendations by IT Admins.

As a service, Azure Information Protection can be split into two main groupings; Classification and Labelling (Azure Information Protection, or AIP) and Protection (Azure Rights Management Service, or Azure RMS).

Protect your organisation’s sensitive information, from anywhere, at any time, on any device

In today’s modern working environment, employees have the expectation of being able to work from anywhere and on any device. With Azure Information Protection, you can control and secure email, documents, and sensitive data (including personally-identifiable information) that is shared within, and outside of, your organisation – protecting the data that matters to you.

With the ability to easily classify data and add embedded labels and permissions, data protection can be significantly enhanced with Azure Information Protection – providing you with strong mitigations against any potential threats to your environment.

Azure Information Protection as a Service

Classification and labelling

Classify and label your data based on levels of sensitivity

With Azure Information Protection, you can create policies that classify and label data at the time of initial creation, or when modified, based on particular types of content, a specific context and by source. Classification with AIP can be fully automated, and can be driven by users, or based on a particular set of recommendations.

Encryption and rights management

Azure RMS (Rights Management Services)

Azure RMS is a cloud-based service, that uses encryption, rights enforcement and expiration policies to secure corporate files and emails, across multiple devices.

By applying Azure RMS, you can encrypt your sensitive data and define usage rights for your users, and third parties without interrupting your employee’s day-to-day activities. Designated and authorised users and services, such as indexing and search, can continue to inspect and read any data that Azure RMS protects.

Azure RMS, not only integrates with Office 365, SharePoint and Microsoft Cloud App Security, it also allows for protection across a range of different cloud subscriptions with support for a multitude of different features. With content expiration controls, you can define a specific date and time for documentation and emails that are protected by a specific template that should not open for specific users – mitigating bulk exfiltration risks.

Make sure your organisation is ready for the GDPR

With the impending GDPR legislation, having the ability to protect and classify employee and customer data is now imperative. With AIP, an organisation can 1) classify the personally-identifiable information (PII) that GDPR seeks to protect, and 2) provide the technical controls to limit data loss risks.

The classification and labelling capability provides the foundational demonstration that your organisation knows how to find your PII, and the protection capability provides encryption and rights enforcement to protect against unwanted or malicious leakage. GDPR introduces significant statutory fines for non-compliance, and we also know that many of the risks that GDPR speaks to carry significant intrinsic costs.

How will the GDPR legislation affect your organisation?

Detailed tracking and reporting with Azure Information Protection

With Azure Information Protection you can track specific activities on shared data, and even revoke access. The powerful logging and reporting within AIP will allow your IT teams to analyse, report and monitor any sensitive data that has been shared.

See what’s happening with your shared data

Gain more control over what happens with your data once it has been shared

Add visibility and control over your data

The benefits of Azure RMS

Multiple file types protected

Safe sharing of information

Audit and monitor your sensitive information

Support for multiple device platforms

Support for B2B collaboration

Support for on-premises data and services, not just Office 365

Create simple and flexible policies

IT retain control of sensitive data

Stay secure, compliant and regulated

Azure RMS supports the following compliance, security and regulatory requirements:

  • Use of industry standard cryptography and support for FIPS 140-2
  • Support for Thales Hardware Security Modules (HSMs)
  • Certified for: ISO/IEC 27001:2013, SOC 2 SSAE 16/ISAE 3402, HIPAA BAA, EU Model Clause, FedRAMP, PCI DSS Level 1
  • With Azure RMS your organisation can ensure your sensitive information is compliant and secure utilising the most comprehensive protection controls, underpinned by technology that can help enable GDPR compliance. Content and Code have built an award-winning reputation helping enterprise organisations just like yours to secure and govern sensitive information.

    Secure and govern your data with Azure Information Protection (AIP). Speak to Content and Code today about our security and governance solutions today.

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