Microsoft Intune

Enable secure mobile productivity throughout your organisation

With bring-your-own device (BYOD) now so prevalent within the modern workplace, coupled with the use of corporate owned devices within Enterprise organisations, there is a growing challenge for IT teams around keeping sensitive corporate data and information secure. Microsoft Intune enables you to define a mobile management strategy that fits the requirements of your organisation.

Ensuring that your organisation has a clearly defined Mobile Application Management (MAM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution to minimise the complexities of securing your sensitive information is now imperative. With capabilities in the cloud and on-premises, Intune allows you to control all the devices and apps on your network from one single console.

What powers does mobile device management provide IT Admins?

Apply device configuration

Apply and enforce device configuration settings, such as Wifi and VPN across iOS, Android, and Windows via Intune MDM.

Enforce device security

Encrypt devices, enabling an extra layer of protection with passcodes and set a minimum version of OS required to each device.

Deploy a range of applications

Deploy Applications as mandatory applications, or make them available as self service via the Intune company portal.

Wipe devices

Wipe the whole device, or selective apps, once an employee leaves the organisation, keeping your sensitive data protected.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

With Intune Mobile Device Management (MDM), you have the control to restrict access to applications such as Exchange email, based upon device enrolment and compliance policies to ensure that your sensitive data is protected. MDM frequently checks if your corporate devices are compliant and secure according to your Corporate policy, with the functionality to locate, lock and wipe devices when lost or stolen, adding an extra layer of protection to your sensitive information.

By simplifying device enrolment for large scale deployments using Apple Configurator or Intune service accounts you can deploy certificates, WiFi, VPN, and email profiles automatically, saving significant time, and IT resource. A self-service Company Portal is provided for users to enrol their own devices and install corporate applications across iOS and Android devices removing the burden on your IT department.

Mobile Application Management (MAM)

With BYOD (bring-your-own-device) now so prevalent within enterprise organisations, having the ability to manage and separate personal and corporate content is more important than ever. With Intune MAM you can ensure that your corporate information is protected without the risk of intruding on a user’s personal life.

Additional controls allow you to separate corporate data from personal data using Office mobile apps by restricting actions such as copy/cut/paste/save outside of your managed app ecosystem. With a user-friendly process, your critical applications can be protected through the use of comprehensive policies. Intune MAM also provides a Single Sign-on experience across all managed applications, in addition to a simplified user lifecycle management process.

PC Management

With Intune, your IT teams can manage Windows devices in the same way you would manage your enterprise mobile devices utilising the modern device management functionality built into the Windows 10 operating system. If your organisation is running older versions of the Windows operating system, you can manage all of your corporate PCs through the Intune Software Client utilising traditional PC management capabilities.

Through the Intune client, you can ensure that PCs on your network are always up-to-date, with control over the date and time of updates. Addition controls can be applied to Windows Firewall policy and anti-malware protection including Endpoint Protection. With remote assistance within Intune, your users can contact support teams who can provide assistance via remote desktop capabilities.

Manage mobile productivity without the need for device enrolment

Microsoft Intune (MAM Policies)

Provide a familiar Office experience, with comprehensive protection for your users

Restrict access to only Intune managed applications

App encryption at rest

Specific app access controls can be set (PIN or Credentials)

Seamless enrolment into App Management

Save As, Copy and Paste restrictions can be applied

App-level security wipes

Extend data protection down to single file level, using Azure RMS

Can be used for corporate and personal accounts

Comprehensive lifecycle management

From initial device enrolment and provisioning, to management and protection, right through to device retirement, Microsoft Intune enables organisations to manage devices used on corporate networks throughout their entire lifecycle – all through the Intune web console. End-users also can enrol their own devices, install recommend company apps and perform a selective wipe from Intune’s self-service Company Portal.


Provide a self-service Company Portal for users to enrol devices

Deliver custom terms and conditions at enrolment

Bulk enrol devices using Apple Configurator or service account

Restrict access to Exchange email if a device is not enrolled


Deploy certificates, email, VPN, and WiFi profiles

Deploy device security policy settings

Install mandatory apps

Deploy app restriction and data protection policies

Manage, Protect

Restrict access to corporate resources if policies are violated (e.g., jailbroken device)

Protect corporate data by restricting actions such as copy, cut, paste, and save as between Intune-managed apps and personal apps

Report on device and app compliance


Revoke access to corporate resources

Perform selective wipe

Audit lost and stolen devices

We’ve helped these organisation secure their environments

As the UK’s largest Office 365 consultancy, and Microsoft’s leading Office 365 partner, Content and Code have worked collaboratively with many Retail, Manufacturing, Construction and Public Sector organisations to help them transform service delivery, engage employees and enable smarter, more secure ways of working. Content and Code can help you too.

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Enterprise mobility management specialists

At Content and Code, we understand the unique problems and issues that organisations have when managing and protecting their mobile devices and critical applications. That’s why we have dedicated Enterprise Mobility Management specialists that will work with you to ensure that your organisations Mobile Device Management and Mobile Application Management configurations align to your specific business needs and requirements.

Enable secure mobile productivity within your organisation. Speak to Content and Code today about how you can add value with a MAM and MDM solution.

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